Happiness at Work

Happiness at Work

Everyone is looking for it, they become restless when they can’t find it, and when they do, they can’t hold onto it!  What is it? Happiness!

Research conducted by Professor Andrew Oswald, Dr Eugenio Proto and Dr Daniel Sgroi at the Department of Economics of the University of Warwick states that happiness makes people more productive at work.  For example, when staff were shown a comedy clip at work or treated to free chocolate, drinks and fruits, they were 12% more productive.  Sharing family tragedies and bereavements made the pointer turn the other way. Happier people use the time they have effectively.

Harvard Business Review adds that by keeping employees happy there is an average of 31% higher sales.  In fact, a number of companies have understood this philosophy and continue to improve the quality of work experience for their staff.  Google has invested heavily in employee support and employee satisfaction.  It offers amazing perks such as healthy meal options, health benefits, time off work, work time options, free transport, and the list goes on.  Google even gathers metrics to optimize the length of its (free) lunch lines; too long and people are annoyed, too short and they don’t get to chit-chat! The point is, in Professor Oswold’s words: “Making people happy really pays off.”


So the old formula for happiness was:

Do    Have   Be

Do more work

Have more money

Be Happy




Ready for the new formula?

Be  Have   Do

BE Happy

And you will HAVE what you need

Which will allow you to DO what you need to do!




Do not be fooled into thinking that you have to do more in order to be more successful!  In fact, quite the opposite!  As we do less and BE more, we feel more powerful and happy.

The idea is to just BE HAPPY!  Not for any reason, except to just BE HAPPY! We seem to think we need to justify our happiness!  That is not the case.  If I am happy BECAUSE of anything, that is not true happiness and I need to take note!  If I am happy because I ate a chocolate cake, or got a new handbag, or went on a vacation, then all those things are fleeting and so the happiness will also be fleeting and temporary.

Internal change can only happen in a state of happiness.  Try changing yourself when you are sad and depressed or upset and sulky!  Not possible!  But when we are happy, we learn better, we grow better, remember better, pay attention better, transform more easily.  From the springboard of happiness anything is possible!

Every single day we make a choice whether to be happy or not!  You decide. There can be a million things that can bring us down if we allow them to, but the survival of the fittest in this instance, refers to the one who is unaffected by and beyond all sorrows and grievances.  Pain is felt by the body, but sorrow is felt by the soul.  Do not wallow away in the sorrow, it is very, very, damaging to the soul.

Happy People are happy because:

  • They help others! And the good karma boomerangs back to them!
  • They get their body moving, either through dance or exercise and create endorphins and GABA neurotransmitters which makes the cells happy cells!
  • They stay positive – always looking at the bright side.  They do not entertain negativity and depression!
  • Their lives are meaningful and purposeful and so, very grateful.
  • They have an attitude of learning and growing – therefore always feeling accomplished!




Now tell me what you read:


What did you read?  Happiness is now here? Or Nowhere?

You decide!!


It’s time… to choose to be happy. You deserve to be happy!


© ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK












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  • Rajendra Bhatia

    Very nice and eye opner article. Most do the opposit and hence are unhappy.


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