What Vibes are You Putting Out?

What Vibes are You Putting Out?


Wherever we go, there is something that always goes with us.  Do you know what that is?  Our vibrations; positive or negative!  Our vibes then attract people and things into our life as in the expression, ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’!  Thus, where and with whom we end up is all dependent upon the quality of our vibrations that we emit.

First, it’s important to realise that we are spiritual beings living a physical existence. The spirit (soul) uses the language of vibration to communicate. The body uses speech and action to communicate.  Since it is the soul that feels and senses everything, and also instructs the body, then surely the soul is of primary importance. For example, when we burn our hand it is the soul that feels the pain, not the body.  The body could be equated to a wooden spoon that if it burned would not scream out.  It is the soul that cries out.  Why does the body not scream out when it is put on a funeral pyre?  Because there is no soul there any longer. The soul has moved on!

The soul has the faculties of the mind and intellect.  The soul thinks using the faculty of the mind and decides using the faculty of the intellect.  As we create thoughts – good or bad – we also create the atmosphere around us: atma-sphere (atma – soul). If we create thoughts of being afraid, or of being alone or of darkness, then we also create such a vibration and an atmosphere. It’s like becoming scared of our own shadow. With the creation of each thought, we emit a vibe. And this is the energy people feel as they come near to us.  If we are frustrated and stressed, or if we are elated and joyful, people can feel that, if we are positive and determined, that too is certainly felt.  And depending on who wants to feel what from us, they will hang around us or not.  Mostly all complainers get together, as do all saints.  So, if we have a choice of thoughts then why not to create ones that are positive and powerful. Why not to choose the highest vibrating thoughts?

In quantum physics they say that everything is vibrating on a certain level.  In fact, the energy we put into anything is the energy reflected out.  Thus, if our house has a lot of anger, depression or sadness, then that is what all material objects will reflect back.  If our house has joy and contentment, that is what will radiate back.  It’s easy for us to understand that plants and living things are sensitive to our energy, but so are the walls and the floors!  So be careful of your every thought.

Each one of us emits an energy field.  When we look at celebrities or politicians or sages and prophets, each of them radiates an energy that we can pick up on. Think Hitler, or think Mahatma Ghandi, we can all sense that there is a difference in their energy. So, what is it that you would like to be known for?  What appears on the surface is the actions of these people.  But are our actions not determined by our thoughts?  For example, the more we are thoughtful and kind, that turns into loving deeds.  So we then are remembered for being kind.  But first that spark of compassion has to rise from within.  The same is true of malicious people, they keep thinking how to harm. If they have thoughts of harming others, then their vibe is obviously spooky and scary.

What frequency are we tuned into all day?  Is it negative or positive?  Happy or sad?  Let us consciously tune into the frequency we want to ‘see’ and ‘hear’. If we want to hear pop music, then let us not stay tuned to BBC!  Change the channel. And enjoy the music of life!

To raise your vibration every day:

Meditate – Be conscious of your thoughts.  Every thought you create sends out a ripple, therefore you cannot afford to be irresponsible.  Create only powerful and positive thoughts (no matter what).

Practice Kindness – As we perform good deeds, we become happy because we were good.  Secondly, we become happy seeing the happiness of others!  All in all, this spreads good vibes all around. What goes around, comes around.

Cultivate an Attitude of Positivity – It really does take effort and attention to maintain a positive attitude.  Everything is good, and everything will be better and best. Everything always turns out alright.

Play Music – Music always does the trick when you are feeling down.  Just be careful not to play romantic songs after a breakup! Otherwise there is lots of good music on the net that will get you up and dancing!

Pay Attention to your Attention – Where attention goes, energy flows and where energy flows, life grows! Give life to joy and enthusiasm.

Pat a Pet – Animals are absolutely amazing creatures – they don’t ever answer back!  On the contrary their love is selfless.  They require very little and their energy is very therapeutic.

Be Conscious of What You Eat – Food creates vibes in the cells and in turn in the organs and body as a whole. Our bodies are meant to be herbivores; a carnivorous diet is not healthy and there is a conflict in our system trying to digest something that is alien. This restlessness does not help in creating good vibes.  Eliminate drugs and alcohol and reduce caffeine and see the difference.

Exercise Daily – Whether you exercise extensively or simply dance away and move your body this way and that, all of it is good! The main thing is get off that butt and move!  Go for a walk.  As we move the body, the energy starts flowing and we feel happier for it.

Practice Compassion and Gratitude – This will give you a sense of purpose and a sense of service.  Once we have tapped into our purpose, we have high energy and begin to fulfill that.  We are driven!

It’s time… to be conscious of our every thought, because whatever we send out ripples back to us multifold.  Create only the highest of vibes and you will attract only the highest in return!


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