God, Not Guilty!

God, Not Guilty!


For some people God is the convenient fall guy for all the shortcomings and suffering in the world.  But is that true?  Is God really responsible for our suffering or are we to blame for our own creations and actions in the world?

God is known as the All Loving, All Compassionate and All Merciful One.  And just like any good parent our Supreme Parent, our Eternal Mother and Father would also want the best for us.  The Divine One would wish for every one of His/Her children a life of health, wealth and happiness.  Such would be a blessed life and future for everyone.  So what has happened?  What went wrong?


Well, metaphorically speaking the children have been blaming the parents for their own mistakes for so long now, that they do not even question this kind of behavior.  From the global pram we have been throwing around our toys left, right and centre and of course in those acts of violence those toys have become broken, and that includes our dear planet earth.

Is any parent responsible for the actions of their adult children?  Under age maybe, because as guardians we have a duty of care for the welfare of the young, the elderly, the sick and the weak.   But we have not done a very good job in looking after ourselves, our children, our relationships and even the world, which is after all our home.

Suffering has been around for Millennia, yet many people find solace in finding someone or something to blame in order to lighten that feeling of burden on the soul.  In fact, suffering has even made people question the existence of God altogether.  If God really and truly is there, why is that One making us suffer?  Is God asleep on the job?

Some may take sorrow from thinking that the negative situation may be ‘God’s plan’, yet while others may take pleasure in passing the buck.  Now, they are convinced that they have the answer and at last there is someone to blame!  This leads some people to believe that like alcohol, God can be both the cause and cure of our suffering!!  If we are looking ‘to blame’ God, then God will take it silently!  And ironically at our hour of need the Divine One will also be the same One that we will turn to in times of hardship!

According to Carey K. Morewedge from Carnegie Mellon University: “Pointing a finger at someone or a thing gives people a satisfactory explanation for an event, and blaming a negative event on someone else is more satisfactory than blaming yourself.  He said. This is important for understanding why people are so prone to blame other political, social, ethnic or religious groups for their misfortune.”

In legal terms through-out the English-speaking world, an ‘Act of God’ is a natural disaster outside human control, such as an earthquake or tsunami, for which no person can be held responsible.’  This is most convenient for insurance companies in declining payment on claims for loss and damage.

So if we put all the blame onto God, then where is the matter of human intervention and responsibility?  Whilst it may feel good blaming someone else, the account of karma that I have created, means that I am the only one who can settle it too.  To gain nourishment from consuming a good meal, I have to ingest that food myself to gain strength and energy from it.


Also when it comes to positive things happening we rarely attribute that to God or a higher power.  We take all the credit.  So, how is that logical then?  You may visit the priest or guru and your business takes an upturn, you praise them, but if on the other hand things go in the opposite direction of loss, then we blame God!  What is going on here with the double standard?

Spirituality teaches us to act responsibly.  God is not responsible for our choices so why should God be responsible for our outcomes?  God is not on trial here.  Perhaps, it is our own conscience that needs to be called into question.  How many of us really listen to that still quiet voice?

Blaming does not serve anyone.  The opposite of blame is taking responsibility and if each one of us accepted that we are accountable for our actions, the world would be a better place.  God’s role is to give love, power and hope.  Once we have received that it is up to us to do what we may with it.

It’s time…  to let God off the hook.  To stop ascribing to the Divine One our own human weaknesses.  Remember, that the silent ones are always the easiest to blame.




© ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK



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9 Responses to “God, Not Guilty!”

  • Really nice article to read….Tells us about our karma and Karmic account….The choices we make is what that decides the outcome…..

  • I need not say that all your articles are worth praise. This time you have tried to make understand that God is our father and not responsible for whatever happens. Had it been in Hindi too, numerous people would have benefitted your hard work who are not able to conversant with English.

  • Saudamini parikh

    Very logical and impressive thoughts .thanks. Om shanti.

  • Lovely Your articles and writing Chere Aruna Bhen*
    Hope All is well in Your World – Dubai Tri traralalala”-
    Sending Bliss, Love and De-Light with dash of La Vie En Rose
    Would be fabulous a change of scenery
    A Bientot
    Om Shanti

  • Very nice article teaching us to take responsibility of what ever comes to us …..The choices we make so are their outcomes…..om Shanti.


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