Where Are You At?

Where Are You At?

Are you a believer?  Do you ever stop to ask yourself: Am I happy with my beliefs?  Are they serving me well or are they holding me back?  In reality it is only when we stop to question what lies at the foundation of our lives that we can actually start to make conscious and mindful, or rather mind focused, choices. This is when we start to become the true creator in and of our own life.  By making mindful choices we can begin to shape our own life and create our own destiny.

We all have shifting states of consciousness.  Where are you living now?  Right this minute?  Can you say that you are you living in the present moment?  Have you ever stopped to see from where you are living your life at the present time?  During our lifetime we move across a spectrum of understanding with different levels of consciousness.

What zone are you living in?  How much are you living from your beliefs?  Here we do not mean beliefs in a religious sense, more ideas gathered along the way, on the journey of life.  Do you know what they are?  Do you ever stop to question what shape and form they take?  Even to question yourself and ask:  Are they actually working for me and bringing me benefit in my life?  This is a beginning, a move in a positive direction.  Or, have you taken on beliefs like a suit of clothes or uniform issued to you by others?  Those beliefs can be like tight and ill-fitting clothes which we struggle to make fit.  You know, sometimes that fitting process can often become a lifetime struggle.

Each of us has a different set beliefs.  This is why it is often difficult to see eye to eye with another soul, because each one of us has experienced life in a different way.  Each one of us is unique and individual.  No two people can ever be the same, not even identical twins!  There will be some personality difference for each one, even if you cannot spot the physical difference.

During our lifetime, we will move through different levels of consciousness.  We could call these stages of being aware, conscious or unconscious. When our life is ruled by our beliefs, then we are not freely creating and living the life we want.  We are often living life from our conditioned and programmed responses to life.  Just take a moment to check yourself.

Perhaps, you are a thinker…  Some people are deep thinkers.  That is what we could call having a philosophical outlook on life, someone who questions the nature of our existence and who seeks out the purpose of life.  We were not born just to work and die. Our true nature is one of love.  We are experiential beings who have come here to engage with other souls, and to experience and enjoy the beauty of the natural world.  Somehow along the way we have lost this focus and awareness of our purpose, we have stopped being and become absorbed in the doing-ness of the world.  It is a rare soul that takes time for himself, just to ‘be’ and who is happy in that ‘being-ness’.

Thinkers will reflect upon the nature of the self, the world and their relationships with other souls.  These souls will look at life from different angles.  Indeed, we could say that these people are more open minded than the believer, because they seek to process knowledge and information about themselves and the world.

When you become a thinker then you come from a position of wishing to understand the self and others.  It is not a position where you have to make a stand and defend anything.  It is not a position of conflict, confrontation and ego. Such a soul will take a more humble stance in life.  It would be more a stage of gentle acceptance that maybe there are more details to the picture than we can see, and that maybe from our vantage point right now we are simply unaware of those details at the present time.

A thinker will live from a position of wishing to learn and strengthen themselves by inner growth.  The thinker is one who, because their mind is open, can more readily process information without there being any resistance and attachment to those old ideas.  They are open to learning and therefore there will not be that strong attachment to beliefs.  This will provide the thinker with a greater degree of flexibility of thought, and therefore mental and emotional freedom.

So, who is the knower?  This would be the next stage to experience.  Can you honestly say that you know about life and yourself?  Knowing is not just about having information.  Simply when you know, you have shifted from the stage of belief, from thinking to a place of knowing.  That is when you have reached a point of personal peace within one’s own self.  No longer battling with what is.  Being in a stage of acceptance.  This is not a blind acceptance, but a stage of inner knowing and growth, working with and trusting one’s intuition.  A stage of re-connecting with the innate wisdom of the self.  Remember, be patient with yourself because it is a process.

How can we ‘be’ more in the stage of being-ness Meditation is the way to being.  Meditation is the perfect tool to help us to re-connect with our inner self at the core of our being, this is the true and eternal stage of being-ness.  For us to be open to this we just have to be there and take time out to be more with our self, taking time for reflective silence.  This is when faith is developed in our self and others from a position of experience and wisdom.

Written by Marion, UK


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