Follow Your Intuition

Follow Your Intuition

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Let’s trust our intuition, it is our true inner guide.  Our intuition knows much more than our conscious mind ever will.  This is because the conscious mind is limited by the five senses only to this physical world in which we live.  We have to learn to tune in and trust our intuition more.

The Oxford Dictionary has a simple and clear definition of intuition.

“Intuition: The ability to know something by using
your feelings rather than considering facts.”

How many of us follow our intuition? Do we believe the intuition when it pops up in our conscious mind?  What did we do before the invention of the telephone lines, mobile devices and other gadgets?  How did we communicate?  It’s time to activate and hone our intuitive capacity.  Perhaps we can use a bit of telepathy and to appreciate the magnitude of our thought power.

How does intuition work?

  • When the stock trader follows her intuition, then she wins. When she judges based on greed or money, she loses.
  • When the mother looks in her child’s eyes, despite the child’s confession, and just knows that the child is lying, or telling the truth.
  • When you just don’t want to get on that plane… and later you find out it was hijacked or there was a crash!
  • When you simply know it’s the right answer in the exam paper, despite your preparedness.

Intuition has a strong correlation with our gut.  In fact, the word intestine in Latin is intestus, which means IN THE HEAD.  It is said that the intestine is our second brain.  It speaks to us too… but through feelings.  The anatomic structure of the intestine is very close to the one of the brain.  So, whatever we put into our stomach goes to our brain and vice versa.

Hence, when we say that we have butterflies in the stomach, or when we have certain feelings of fear and panic, or even elation and excitement… those sensations tend to come from the area of the stomach.   In both cases we can lose our appetite.  Not only that, but as we eat quickly and chew less, sometimes we can’t break down those foods, we literally can’t digest and absorb the nutrients from those foods… and as a result we may end up with constipation or diarrhoea.  So, all these things can be seen as the direct effect our thoughts have on our body.

In the same vein, researchers are finding evidence that irritation in the gastrointestinal system may send signals to the central nervous system that triggers mood changes.  So we have a two-way communication system between our gut and our brain, when we are worried, anxious or stressed this nervous energy created by the mind will have a direct impact on our body, those thoughts will quite literally hit our plumbing!

This “little brain” in the gut is not really that little.  It is known as the ‘Enteric Nervous System’, and it has two thin layers with 100 million nerve cells lining the gastrointestinal tract, from the oesophagus to the rectum.  This brain cannot philosophise or write poetry.  It cannot engage in debates between religion and politics, but it is powerful, it creates triggers and is a stress responder.  In fact, the irritable bowel syndrome has been compared to the “mental illness” of the second brain.

Photo by Geralt – Pixabay

The Blocks

There are many blocks that stop us feeling our intuition.  Ego is perhaps the king of all blocks.  The ego thinks it knows… and so there is nothing to learn or achieve once the ego knows!  So, how can the intuition get a word in edgeways?

Fear is another big one.  We have many fears mostly based on our past, where we are afraid that those same things may happen again in the future, so we begin to fear repeating the mistakes.  Fear prevents us from taking action based on informed decisions… always!  So, there is no space for the intuition to come in.  Let go of the past and let go of fears – they are impeding your progress.

These fears will manifest as doubts in our mind. Doubting whether we will succeed or not.  Even having doubts about the intuition, and questioning whether we should believe the intuition at all.  Doubts do not allow us to get anywhere near our saviour the intuition.

When we think too much, there is no space for intuition.  Much like being surrounded by a crowd of friends and our dear and near one cannot get close to us.  So too the intuition has to think twice before coming forward.

Declutter your mind and your home…  Too much clutter in the mind and house does not allow space for the intuition to blossom.  When there is a mess, we can’t even think straight, let alone think intuitively.  Can you work in a messy kitchen, or on a messy desk?  No!

Expectations and attachment to outcomes do not allow for newness and creativity.  When we are on a path or a mission, we do not stop to see the side scenes, we just keep going to reach our destination.

Photo by Geralt – Pixabay

Fine Tuning the Intuition

To address the issue of the Ego we need to open our third eye.  Through the third eye we can take a closer look at ourself.  We are not the ego.  We are much more than that.  The third eye allows us to see from a different dimension.  The third dimension.  We can see with our physical eyes on this two-dimensional plane that the bus is late, but from the third dimension, we understand why the bus is late.  There is a deeper significance to all life that does not meet these two physical eyes, but does reach the third one!

Take time out… meditation helps us to become more aware and astute about everything around us.  We perceive things in a different light.  A few minutes of silence and solitude will take you a long way.

To address the intestus theory, it is so important that you eat right for YOU!  There is not a one ‘right’ diet for everyone.  Eat on time and eat fresh; eat healthy and stay hydrated.  When we can keep the gut clean and free of toxins, then we help to keep the head clean also.  When our mind is organized, then our life will come into balance too and we feel good.  This ‘feel-good factor’ assists the creative intuition.  When we are sad and down, it is difficult to be intuitive.

Take pauses during the day… so that you can be present to catch those signals.  Give yourself the space to feel… and see… and touch that intuition.

To ‘follow your intuition’ is a cliche but we have to be able to feel it… hear it… and smell it when it appears.  For that we need a decluttered, quiet, contented mind.  So we really have to learn how to mind our mind!

We are able to do that when we sit in silence and quieten the sounds around and within us.  When we can go beyond the analytical and judgmental mind.  When we are at peace with our self.  Then… when that ‘aha moment’ comes… we just know it! We know the truth by the way it feels.

Think less… but create quality thoughts not just quantity.

Get enough sleep… so that you are not tired and lethargic.  When we are worn out, we have no energy to listen to anything more. We get brain fog, so stay alert and stay fresh!

Finally I want to say that there is a close connection between faith and intuition.  When we begin to have faith in our intuition, then both begin to work for us.  So, have faith and trust your instincts and your intuition. 

It’s Time… to let our intuition be our inner guide and protector.


© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK


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