21 Days – 21 Practices

21 Days – 21 Practices

(starts Jan 1st 2022)

Om Shanti and Greetings of Peace to one and all.

We want to wish everyone… A Very…  Healthy and Happy New Year!!

At this time, we need to find our spiritual alignment.  So, it is good to have something to help us get into the best spirit at the start of 2022!  Much like a spiritual booster shot!  Ooops!

Everyone will be making several resolutions tonight.  However, change is a process. For any lasting positive transformation, it does require a bit of effort and discipline.  But the benefits are multi-fold.

A popular plastic surgeon Dr. Maxwell Maltz, discovered that it took his patients roughly 21 days to become accustomed to their ‘new look’.  So too with our own ’self’ image and how we see ourselves.  It takes about 3 weeks for our old patterns of thinking to change and for new ones to begin to be established.  Basically, it is the repetition that gets the process rolling, as we sort of re-programme our own thinking.  However, here we are in control of our thoughts, unlike hypnosis, advertising, the media and the propaganda machine, where others seek to re-programme our mind!  Here we aim to be the controllers of our own mind, we choose our own content.

“…it requires a minimum of about 21 days for an old mental
image to dissolve and a new one to jell.”
Dr. Maxwell Maltz

There are other theories out there about how long it takes to change something in our life, some say it takes 40 plus days, others think that maybe it takes 66 days.  Whatever the number we settle on, still the 21 day rule now seems to have been accepted as the general period of time it takes to create any new habits and patterns of change in our life.

Whatever the figure, it takes a fair amount of time… and not just a thought or a day to think something positive and expect it to take shape in our life immediately… and 21 days seems a good round figure – three weeks to deepen the habit of becoming focused and concentrated… on something positive and powerful… so that transformation can occur from the roots and not simply the branches… twigs or leaves…

Here is the idea…

We will introduce the word for the day with a short description.  The idea is to hold that word in our attention and focus throughout the day.  To observe how our day is different as a result of this practice.  The aim is to recognize the benefits of staying positive and powerful and that will encourage us to continue for the full 21 days.

We want to have a nugget of a thought to chew on so that our mind does not stray off into other territory.  We all know that the wandering mind has a habit of going off in all directions, each thought finding its own pathway and distraction.  It is just so easy to let the mind loose, this is why it is important to give the mind a positive focus.

Without something of interest, the mind, just like a bored child, will surely find some mischief to engage itself in.  The mind will quite easily drift off and create thoughts about the past; slipping back into guilt or regret; thoughts about others; thoughts of comparison or dislike; thoughts about the future and leaving the mind free to conjure up thoughts of fear, worry and anxiety and so on.  The list of distractions can be many.  So attention is key.  We want the mind to be engaged in a beneficial way, whilst staying happy and free from tension.

We want to be immersed and absorbed in the feeling… presence and experience of each chosen word for the day.  To keep rolling it over in our mind.  It is almost as if we want to taste and savour each quality, inwardly digesting them and making them our own.

We like to celebrate newness in the New Year and not just on the 1st of January.  There is some wish for change coming deep from within the soul, but sometimes we are not quite sure how that will manifest itself in our lives.  We want to clear out the negative energies from our lives, and keep the positives; but how is it possible to achieve that sense of inner equilibrium and balance?

“When we change, the world changes.”
Dadi Jankiji

This is so true.  If we want to see a better more peaceful world, we have to start by creating our own better ‘self’ today.  The 21 Day Practice can help us to take steps in that direction.

It’s Time… to start the 21-day challenge.  Are you ready?


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Disha Uberoi

Simply Splendid!

Marianne Barkman

During this Murli I found the way to be SC!

Agne Aïmeur

Ready and impatient to bring creativity into change! Happy New Year, Aruna!


Yes, I am ready!


Om Shanti Aruna

with a thankful heart, Gundy

Healthy and joy- / light full 2022

Marie madeleine

Ies ,I am indeed ready to start thank you Aruna and have a lovely year


Thats wonderful, thank you sister for this insightful and practical 21 day challenge to for ourselves.

Elsie Quttaineh

Dearest Aruna, My warmest Sincere Thank you for always being such an inspiration to all of us. YES I for one am ready and I am determined to stay on the path. I look forward to take this journey with you and wish you a Blessed 2022 and in the years to come.

CA Raumann Manez

Om Shanti ✨ Bonjour’ Buenas Días Good Morning Chere Aruna Bhen ❣️ Wishing You a Hapoy Healthy Peaceful Blissful Jolly Powerful Loveful Joyful De-lightful Harmonious Illuminated Splendorous New Year 2022 🎉
Greetings of Peace and Love 💌😎🪂💫
From my little incognito Gitapatshala’ in VanTown BC Canada ☃️❄️🏔️🌊🌁☀️🦄

Claudia-Ann Raumann Manez

Om Shanti ***
Dear Aruna Bhen and Merci Beaucoup for your Divine Wishes *****
Much Peace and Love
Happy Jolly Merry Fantastic Brilliant New Year 2022 IBY and Pyaar *****
@ present in Vancouver BC Canada

Anurag bahl

Om shanti baba & didi g – indeed and i am ready will surely follow