Do You Have a Certificate?

Do You Have a Certificate?

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Certificates are funny things.  They just are pieces of paper which we give value to that state our achievements.  They are a measure of a standard achieved in life.  But who actually determines that standard?  What exactly is the ultimate standard to be achieved?

Instead of trying to collect those pieces of paper of varying colours and sizes, it would be better to strive in life to get the certificate for being a good human.  Aim for the certificate that is the one from the heart.  Sharing degrees of appreciation and gratitude; of a job well done; of winning someone over; of going the extra mile; or of just being there for someone at a time of need.  These are valuable certificates we will carry in the briefcase of our soul no matter where we go.

In fact, we need to make an effort to gain three certificates during our life time.  One from the self, that ‘I am OK.’  Then one from other people, and the third from God.  Giving the certificate to one’s self is pretty easy.  We almost always think too highly of our self!  We like to think that we are working harder than anyone else, and that we are putting in a lot of effort and are being good.  Sometimes the ego jumps in and we think that we are the best!  Remember: “Self-praise is no recommendation.” We all know that: “Blowing our own trumpet” is questionable praise for sure.  In the world it is what other souls have to say about us that will determine how truly good we are.  But despite all this we still have to know our own worth and value.  We have to keep that fine balance between false pride and honest self-esteem.

If someone asks: How are you?  We say fine.  But are we fine?  It is those living with us who can say whether we are fine or not.  Or whether we are bossy, arrogant, lazy or careless.  From our corner of the world everything may well be fine, but that may be because we simply shut others out and over-ride them.  Or we may simply fail to have any consideration for their feelings at all.  Then is that fine?  No.  Of course we need to keep the balance as with everything in life.

The examiners will always be people other than the student taking the test paper.  In life the examiners are our fellow friends and family.  Those who are around us.  They will give us the pass or fail marks.  They live with us and see us close up and personal.  They see if we have returned love in the face of insult.  If we have stayed calm and tolerant in the face of their reaction.  We have to kill others with love.  If it can be love, love, love, all the way, then we will pass.  As we pass, we will stay in their circle as friends.  If we fail, we will lose them, or rather they will drop us.


How do we get this degree from life?  By being virtuous.  By being tolerant and patient.  By being kind and compassionate.  By being content and not demanding.  Then these blessings will come from the heart.  They will be given automatically as the soul feels the purity of our intention.  From this place we do not need to chase after or beg for blessings!

Yes, sometimes there can be the argument: ‘don’t worry about what others think and feel, just do as you please’.  And that is true in some cases; do what you need to do without needing the approval of others.  Yet there is a time in life when we need to think of others.  John Donne said: “No man is an island…” and it is true we need to be in harmony with everyone, to earn blessings whilst we live and work with them in this big world university of life.  We need to be a team member and a team player, an equal member and humble up so to speak.

So, what is the spiritual certificate?  That others are happy and content with you.  Love to be around you; they are willingly co-operative; then help comes easily.  This is when others respect you.  If one can achieve this in life, then it is a life well lived.

The spiritual PhD is not about acquiring all the knowledge in the world, but by becoming a product of that knowledge and learning.  Being the embodiment of all virtues.  That being-ness translates as a contentment within the soul.  The soul is so content that this vibration radiates out and begins to make others content and peaceful.  The end result of all the knowledge is to become someone who reflects that knowledge through their life. To just BE IT!

We have to pass with honours in this life before we leave this world.  The aim is not just pass in life (or pass away, excuse the pun!)

It’s Time… to see how many divine certificates are gathered in a lifetime.


© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK



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