Are You Being a Copy Cat?

Are You Being a Copy Cat?



The expression: to be a ‘copy-cat’ has been around for quite a few years.  It means a person who mimics or copies someone in some shape or form.  We often used it as kids in school for our friends who would end up doing the same thing we did, such as buying the same coat or bag.  But the expression, as we have seen, is not just limited to kids, adults can be some of the biggest copy-cats!

Fashion is just a sophisticated form of copying… we see what is ‘in’ and want to dress in the same way.  Just to keep up with ‘them’!  Who are these fashionable people anyway?  They may be well dressed, but are they happy?  Are they content?  So why are we following them?  And when someone doesn’t copy, we too give them all sorts of names… unfashionable, old fashioned, antique and even a fossil!  Why not start your own fashion – of simplicity.


And most of the time what we do copy are the bad behaviours of people.  Why not copy the good ones?  If someone doesn’t say: ‘Hello’ to us, we too do not bother saying: ‘Hello’ to them.  If someone leaves a place in a mess, we too leave it in the same mess.  Seldom does someone think to leave a place better than they found it by picking up some trash or tidying things up.  Remember, we are not doing it to please others, we are doing it because we want nice surroundings for ourselves, and what we ‘do’ becomes our karma.

We also copy others in our giving.  If someone has spent a few hundred or a thousand on our gift, we will keep a tab of that amount and ensure that we have to spend just as much.  Or else all hell may break lose!  If they have spent two dollars then that too will be noted!  But how much love and thought was behind that two dollar gift?  Wasn’t that gift of love priceless?  Or was the giving just a ‘tick box’ exercise?

Let us not only learn to copy well, but to initiate, so that others want to copy us!  To copy others can take a lot of perspiration, but to become a better person, means to be an inspiration!  Be so happy that others want to copy you in that; to be just as happy.  Be so simple and beautiful, that others realize that it doesn’t take much to be beautiful.  Be so kind hearted that others feel the joy of giving.

It’s easy to copy the liars and cheats!  That is just so easy and so lazy too on our part.  It doesn’t take much effort.  Just as falling doesn’t take any effort.  But to climb, to rise, to innovate and to achieve, well that takes effort.  And it is the one who ascends who gets to see the beautiful vista!  Such a soul feels the sense of achievement and growth in their own being-ness.

Sometimes we are copying people without our even knowing it.  We are picking up small negative habits, and some subtle influences may creep in without us recognizing them.  This may become apparent in our actions, attitude or simple language changes, which even unnoticed to us have sort of taken root.  Maybe text speak shorthand enters our everyday vocabulary, perhaps swearing, bad or a lack of manners becomes part of our normal day to day living too.  Then soon enough we begin to find that we have become as negative and critical as the negative people around us!  So, keep the antennas alert and only copy that which is worthy of being copied.  We copy everything!  From clothes, to cars, to computers, the make-up, music, tattoos, crime and whatever else, we could go on with the list.


Each individual is beautiful in and of themselves, we do not need to copy or be like others.  If God wanted everyone to be the same, then He would have created clones!  We all have a separate journey and separate destination.  We cannot be the same.  Even if I dress the same as the other, there is still the same ‘me’ inside.  We need to start to emerge our authentic self.

We forget that in an attempt to stand out, we often find we all start to become the same.  When actually what was special about us was exactly that, our own selves.  We are unique and individual and in trying to be so different, and yet at the same time keeping up with the ‘trends’ and ‘fashion’, ironically we end up all becoming the same and losing our own uniqueness.  Is this not a little bit of craziness?

Just think: Why do we want to copy anyone anyway?  To blend in?  To be accepted?  To not be left out and to belong?  But remember that the one we are following was originally the only one – they were unique.  They were a leader.  It was their personal uniqueness that made them special in the first place!!

You know the old saying: “Monkey see, monkey do.”  Then why not be a person who shines with love and kindness.  If we can copy the negative, then we can equally well copy the positives in life.  If we can have negative role models then why can we not equally well have positive ones?  Or is it that there are so few available today?  No.  They are out there somewhere, but they do not get the air time in the movies and media.  Just think about it: Why do we all love the super heroes?  We love Indiana Jones; Batman and Robin; Captain Marvel; Spiderman; Obi-Wan Kenobi and all the rest.  So why should we not become a hero in our own lives?

It’s Time…  to copy the best and leave the rest.


© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK



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