Desire or Deserve?

Desire or Deserve?


Do you ever wonder why it is that some people get some things easily in life?  Whilst others, even after a lot of effort still find it hard to bring their desires into reality?  It is not so easy to understand and further to accept why some people achieve things more effortlessly than others.  So what is that missing ingredient?

Of course, all of us want everything in life… but who are the ones who very often succeed and why?  Well, we could say that it comes down to karma.  But karma is a difficult subject, so let’s try and tackle it in a whole new and different way today.  One thing to understand is that if we pay attention to our attitude and intentions these will become the key ingredients for our success in life.

There is an expression in Hindi; that you can’t even drink a glass of water without making any effort. That is not to say that the water is not available, we do not need to create the water it is there and freely provided by Nature, but we just have to make the effort to lift the glass to our mouth and to drink.  We do have to put in some effort!

We can all sit on the bench at the beach in front of a beautiful ocean.  And while we are sitting there we can desire to be a great surfer; or the best surgeon; or a brilliant inventor of an idea that no one has yet seen. In fact, from my experience, you don’t really need to make any effort for desire.  Those desires just seem to emerge all by themselves.

Dreams will simply be dreams if
they only exist in our head. 

So, it is quite ok to day dream all day and to relish living in that bubble; to visualize that perfect happy moment where we are at our pinnacle of success.  But once we get up from that bench, well then it is important to get into action while those creative juices are still flowing in the mind!  Dreams will simply be dreams if they only exist in our head.  We need to realize them.  Translate them into action.  Till the land, plant the seed, water that germ of a thought or that genius idea with loving attention daily.

When we are lazy in our effort and our thinking, then it is hardly surprising that the fruit that is born on such a tree, if any, is not entirely sweet.  Maybe we could say then that we got what we deserved.  How does that saying go?  “No effort.  No luck!”

If you watch this short film with the link below… you will see the famous Indian actor Hrithik Roshan.  Hrithik is seen putting all he has got into making his body fit for a movie which has actually become a hit!  We can dream of being a superstar, but in most cases those superstars also need to put in the hard work!  Nothing comes for free…  even when to the external eye it may appear as though it does.

Hrithik Roshan

We all need some good motivation, that carrot on the stick, to get us moving.  Without motivation the action becomes weak.  As Hrithik explains in this motivational film why he has put all that hard effort in, to prove to his kids that it is possible.  For others it will be something or someone else that acts as the motivator.  However, the best motivation is to do it for you – for yourself.  You are special.  You are important.  You deserve it.  You do it because you deserve a better body.  You study and learn about the surfing or medicine and surgery because you want to challenge yourself.  You want to grow and you want to make a positive difference in the world.

Once we keep putting in the effort with the right intentions, we make ourselves worthy of receiving.  We need to check our intentions.  If those intentions are off, if we are not coming from the right place in the first place then how can we be successful?  If it’s with the right intention, with the right thought then how can it not succeed at the right time?

Everyone desires, but not everyone deserves.  

Therefore, the frequency of desires can be a lot, in as much as we can spend a lot of time on those thoughts. Deserving is a whole different matter.  Everyone desires, but not everyone deserves.  Perhaps this is why we say it is lonely at the top. Very few are able to recognize and realize what is needed to get to the top.  In any arena of life whether that is in business, education, science, art, music or some specialist field, it all requires some effort.  Some give up even before they begin when they see how much effort is involved or how far it is to the top!

So, once we have recognized our goal, it is important to get those motivational gears into motion to achieve it.  We need to do this for our self, not for others.  Let us not forget to mention that often there is a lot of subtle inner work going on inside that nobody can see.  We can see people working out in the gym; but who can see how much someone is working out in their inner gym of the mind?


Meditation is the process to help us lose all that excess weight from the mind.  So if we watch our wasteful thinking, and get rid of worry, stress and anxiety we are bound to lose weight and feel lighter for no longer having to carry those burdens in the mind.  Perfect weight loss!  But all a matter of doing the inner work.  With a good focus, good attitude, good intentions then we can see a perfect result!

If we can shift from the place of just desiring, to creating the dream, then we deserve to see our desires manifested in our life.

It’s Time… to get off that bench and to begin planting strong seeds with the power of focus, determination and effort.


© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK

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J. Rama Devi

Dear sister, This article ,”Desire or deserve,” is really good , inspirational , practical for for everyone to understand and follow. with regards