Be a Guest in the World

Be a Guest in the World


We all come into this world thinking we are here to stay forever!  Well guys, let me be the one to break the news to you… We are all guests in this world and will one day need to pack up our bags and baggage and depart!  And that too can often be at short notice!

Your mother may have taught you something about good manners and about being a good guest in someone’s house.  But it was a wise parent that taught us to maintain the awareness that each day we are all guests in this world.


I have come to the conclusion that if we are to have peace of mind, then we just need to think and believe we are guests in this global home that we call our world.  Being a guest means, to see, enjoy, celebrate, and… leave… with no strings attached.  As a guest we are fully aware that our stay will be short term and so we will not get attached to anyone or anything.

Also, when we feel we are a guest, then we are nice people and generally for most of us we are on our best behaviour.  But as we settle in a bit and with a little time, we start to get used to our new environment, and we start to become familiar with one another… such that we may bring out the worst in each other.  We begin to take people for granted and expectations start to control our relationships.

When we start to settle in; we get stuck as we begin to root ourselves in one place.  Mentally of course!  We have to remember that everything is temporary; the work, the family, the praise, the perks.  These will all leave us one day, and if we don’t get used to that idea sooner rather than later, then later the soul will suffer.

So even if you are feeling ‘well settled’ at home and everything is hunky dory, yet still it is wise to adopt this attitude of being a guest.  Why?  Because this attitude helps us enjoy everything, but also lets us be prepared for the day when we have to give it all back to the world.  Really enjoy everything, but remember that it is just on loan.  We are not only guests here, but actually we are trustees too.

This ‘guest’ consciousness can be really helpful for us whilst we are on our own personal journey which we call ‘life’:

  • We do not hold onto things – because we know that we will need to move on.
  • We have light luggage with which to travel, and so we don’t take on more than is necessary for the journey. Physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • We take in the best sights, the natural beauty of the world. We learn to see only the beauty in other souls too – to see only people’s virtues.
  • We know that we are only passing through, and so we don’t give so much attention to that which is not so pretty. We avoid harm and seek to heal where we can.
  • We do not involve ourselves in long term projects… meaning, we do not expand our thoughts into many areas… we keep it simple and clean.
  • This does not restrict us from being creative and in the world. Indeed, this is what art does, it reflects beauty.  An artist is inspired by the natural beauty of the world around and with us, and seeks to express that beauty through their art.
  • We start to understand our relationship with Nature and our dear planet, we come to realize that we are indeed just here as caretakers and trustees.
  • The truth is that everything in our world is constantly changing.
  • We have to learn how to be present and engaged, respectful and not possessive. We cannot truly own anything or anyone.
  • The world turns in an eternal cycle, from day to night, from ebb to flow… we have to learn to flow with the all of everything. Learn to ‘be’ in flow.

Good guests communicate well.  Keep things simple, to a minimum and to the point.  Being a guest does not mean being aloof.  It is important to keep others well informed so that we do not create waste or worrisome thoughts in others.  Keep conversations simple and clear.  No one has time to hear long winded dramas – everyone has enough dramas in their own life!!

Good guests do not extend their visit.  They know when enough is enough.  They don’t continue to desire or greed.  They understand that too much of something is a bad thing.

Be kind, be helpful, lend a hand with the chores… these are all good traits of being a welcome guest in the world.  A helping hand helps the tasks become completed more easily and effortlessly.  This is our Global Home.  We are not doing anyone a favour by helping out.  A guest gives more than he/she takes.  The last thing anyone wants is a burdensome guest who creates lots of extra unnecessary work for the householder.  If you are at a hotel you are paying for that luxury, but with friends and family it is another matter entirely – you pay in kind.   Do you remember that saying… to never: ‘Wear out one’s welcome’?

Finally, what will confirm your position on the future guest list will be the answer to this question: Are people happy to see you when you arrive?  Or even happier when they see you leave?

It’s Time… to see how you see yourself.  Are you a temporary guest or someone who wants to take up permanent residency?


© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK

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OM SHANTI Chere Aruna Bhen,
Thumbs Up on Your Writing Skills & Effortless, so it seems ;
Conveying Pearls of Raj Yoga Wisdom For Daily Life Living…..
Indeed J. RUMI the Grand Visionary Poet Scholar of His Time; already
Mentioned Cited Poetically Elaborated etc. to ‘The Beloved’ in ‘The Guest House’….
A Beautiful Rendition of Living Values actually!*****…..
Namaste & Merci For Your Valuable Delightful Humorous Contribution For A Better World…..
to be continued…..Cheers


Nice article