Beauty Does not Hate

Beauty Does Not Hate


When it comes to measuring beauty, we all have mixed opinions about it.  What is black may be preferred by one, whilst what is white may be liked by another, and then there is the grey camp in between!  One thing I think we can agree upon is that there is beauty everywhere we look, anyone can find something to love and appreciate around and within them!

In physical terms beauty is just gauged at ‘face’ value.  The Miss World and Miss Universe contests for instance, there they are primarily looking for those flawless features, impeccable skin and perfect body measurements!  The value and appreciation of grace and personality of the contestant falls pretty much towards the bottom of the list.

‘Make-Up’ is big business today.  The beauty industry keeps a look out to hire the prettiest models or celebrities.   They choose people who can carry off their products well and can help to promote their sales!  They think that the name and face of the famous will add some kudos to their brand name!  That which is true beauty, the inner beauty of character has little or no capital value for these companies, they are just interested in marketing their products.

In spiritual terms, beauty is that which is expressed from the inside.  No one can see the goodness, or for that matter evil in someone’s heart, until and unless that one expresses themselves in action.  So, when only compassion, kindness and goodness emerges then we can say: this one is truly a beautiful person.  For such a person doesn’t need the looks, fair skin or the perfect body weight to be beautiful!  Beauty can be packaged in many different ways, but true beauty can come in many shapes and sizes.


It also seems that sometimes we need the worst scenarios in life to bring out the best in us.  For example, when there is a humanitarian crisis then suddenly everyone begins to help each other.  They forsake their sleep and hunger, share the little they have with those who don’t, this is where compassion bypasses caste, creed, religion and status quo.  This is truly when everyone’s real inner beauty begins to emerge naturally from the heart.

Furthermore, in those moments we are naturally expressing love and compassion, then we cannot express hate.  We truly begin to love another and wish for the best for them.  We care for their well-being, for their survival and their strength, for their prosperity and happiness.  In those moments no one is competing or envious, there is no conflict but rather everyone comes together, because everyone is trying to ‘make it work’.  This actually is our original way of co-existing in the world, living from a place of generosity of spirit and big heartedness.

Within our kindness and good heart we emerge our empathy and sympathy for others.  These are all traits of a beautiful person.  A beautiful person goes beyond seeing any weaknesses, they encourage, they inspire, they co-create. They are secure within themselves, they are not insecure, and because they live from the inside they are very secure within! They know themselves well.  This is why they are self-assured and confident, they have faith in themselves and others, and their code of living is one of truth and love.

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”
Coco Chanel

And because they only see beauty in the world, then the world only sees beauty in them.  They will generally have very few enemies, if any, but sometimes jealousy from others can be an issue.  Why is that do you think?  They are simply being themselves, but in being so, they reflect back just like a mirror does.  They remind others that perhaps they are not living from their inner truth.  But the good hearted carry on shining their light, and as they spread their fragrance of beauty, they make the world a more beautiful place by just being in it.

So why is it that we have to wait for a crisis to emerge before we can become beautiful and for spirituality to triumph?  Why can we not be this way all the time?  Let us set aside our differences and begin strengthening each other and our relationships with our inner beauty.

Today focus on seeing your own beauty and that of one another.  Pay attention to see the beauty, and maybe the gift in what is happening within the situation in front of you.  You may not understand it all now, but believe me, there is a lot going on above and below, in front and behind, much more than is obvious to the eye!

It’s Time… to emerge our inner beauty by shining virtue into every action.  Let us be proactive and not reactive – therein lies our power.

© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK

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4 Responses to “Beauty Does not Hate”

  • Hello Arunabehn, I totally enjoyed reading the reality of the beauty. Recently on tv program supersinger a young girl dark skin no pyhsical look is so talented every time she sings including the audience and judges are in tears. She is practically an example of inside out beauty. Also she already got the contract to sing for the movie. She was criticized by family accept her mother all the time but the mother was motivated to bring her on show..


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