Be Wiser than a Miser

Be Wiser than a Miser

What prevents us from giving when we know it’s really the right thing to be doing in that moment? Why is it so hard to give, when we have what the other wants, and may even have a lot of it? Why is it difficult for some of us to part with love, kindness, cooperation or other assets such as time and money, when we would not be losing much if we did?

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We are not born misers. We become misers along the way. Some develop a paucity or scarcity consciousness. Not because we don’t have, but because we fear not having enough, and also more than that, we don’t realise exactly the value of what we do have. For example we can brighten up someone’s day with a smile.  And we have arms that can turn into helping hands. We have a mind that can produce powerful thoughts. We have a heart that can generate good wishes and pure feelings to all those around. To give or not to give, is not so much about how much we have or don’t have, it is more a state of mind, or a way of being.

Unfortunately, living in a physical world, our vision has become limited to mostly physical things and our life has been defined by physical attributes. Hence, we have learned to place a disproportionate value on material things. Secondly, we have come to hold onto those material possessions ever so tightly for the fear that we may not have any left for ourselves. This tension is the cage that makes us into misers and magpies!

Insecurity is the biggest block in allowing us to be generous and overflowing. But what is insecurity? It is nothing short of fear. And fear, like darkness, is the absence of something. When there is love, peace, light, kindness etc. there is no fear. Sometimes we become fearful of giving, in the event that others may become dependent, attached or sticky towards us! This is when we need to trust, and exercise love and kindness and then it will be in our hands to make only our positive prophecies come true.

Nowadays there is a trust deficit. We are unable to trust ourselves, others, and the cycle of giving and receiving. We don’t realise that as we give, we are opening up the flow to receive. Just think: money in the bank does not grow… but money invested yields returns. By keeping it in the bank, we only fool ourselves into thinking we are reducing the risk of poverty. Yet some have learnt through the financial crisis that that is not the case either!

Perhaps it is not that we don’t have the assets of time, money or energy to give, but it is just that we prioritize selfishly. Most people reading this article probably have more than they actually need. It’s just that they think of themselves first and less of others. Imagine instead, a world in which every day, we did something for someone else first… from the heart. What a different world that would be.

As I focus on my inner qualities of love, peace, bliss, truth and purity, I gradually begin to increase my self-respect and self-worth. I realise how much abundance I already have inside my soul and how much I am overflowing with it. As I pour this out into the universe, the universe returns its flow back to me, and what it brings to me reflects just how deserving I am.

This self-realization or self-enlightenment frees me from having to calculate or penny pinch. I give for no other reason except that I am full, and I am here to shine and radiate my gifts into the world.

It’s Time… to trust that what you give will come back to you. You have an abundance of gifts to share with the world. Don’t hold back. Be wise, and don’t be a miser.


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