Which Channel Are You Watching?

Which Channel Are You Watching?

We can view life in any number of ways. We can see it as a comedy, a horror movie, or an entertaining drama!  Depending on the channel we choose, we are entertained, horrified or saddened.

Every situation is perceived according to our mood. One can laugh at it, get annoyed or upset, become serious or even inquisitive. Isn’t it up to us? Actually, we get to choose the channel, but so often we forget that we have the power to do so.

Knowing that we hold the remote control of our life can be a great relief, because it means that if we are not happy with our drama, then we can just change the channel!  We can turn doom and gloom into lightness and humour with the flick of an internal switch.  We don’t have to stay stuck in that particular screen of life; there are many other channels to choose from!

We may find it hard to believe, but we have it within us to change a difficult situation into one that is easy and light if we so choose.  Or, is it that we like to indulge too much in the soap opera of life, with its ups and downs, thrills and spills! Some people are natural at creating dramas in their life, they just love making mountains out of molehills. They thrive on excitement and the rush of adrenaline. But remember that what goes up, must come down!

Make a decision to only watch the positive, or the humour or educational channels of life!  And this really can be done as easily as pressing the button on the remote. With a switch of a thought you can change how you view and how you feel about any situation.  You can also decide to turn the volume down on the noise of your waste thoughts about a situation.

It is a fact that patients have healed themselves of illness through watching comedy movies. Laughter creates endorphins which rejuvenate and restore the cells of the body. And on the other hand, watching horror and terror on the screen can actually create stress and spasms in our muscles. So, does this also not hold true for our real life scenarios? Situations and circumstances will come and go. Some will be pleasant and others not so pleasant. How we respond to them will dramatically affect our wellbeing. Learning to look at the lighter side of life has to be the best gift we can give to our mind n body.

As soon as you feel yourself becoming tense and heated about a person or event, just say to yourself; how silly all of this is! Learn to laugh at the puppet show! Because each one (puppet) is being driven by the strings of their emotions. It’s very easy to get caught up in the puppet show, but it’s much more enjoyable to observe from a distance.

It’s time… to only select the positive channels in the TV of your life.  Know that you are in charge of the buttons and have the power to turn around the gloom and doom. With the switch of one thought you can change how you feel. Keep hold of the remote and  you will always have the  power in your hands!

I would like to take a moment this week to extend a special thanks to my spiritual sister and editor, Carol Lipthorpe, who also dedicates her precious time to polishing these articles!  Bless YOU!

Share these thoughts! ‘It’s Time…’ is spreading far and wide! Feel free to forward this wisdom, but to avoid any karmic rebound, please acknowledge its source – ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London





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Rev Divine
I enjoyed reading it I look forward to have guidance from a person who has implemented this indicating what problems he/she came accross during implementation and how they were overcome



thank you for sharing your articles which are most precious and useful for each and everybody

Hasi Grover

Thanks so much for this wonderful article. Our life is in our control. We can choose to live it the way we want. So true and so meaningful.


Thanks for the lovely article Aruna Didi, all you articles have been so inspiring


Thanx for sharing very precious and positive article.