Do You Get the Point?

Do You Get the Point?

With so many things to give our attention to in life, we can very often get caught up in paraphernalia and miss the point!  Learning to stay focused on what’s important and what is of value, takes a certain level of discernment and interest.

To see the point can mean a few things.  One is to really understand the meaning, reason or purpose for something.  For example, everyone is laughing at a joke that your friend just made, except for you.  Somehow you just didn’t get the point.  It also means to cut through the excess to get to the essence, the crux of the conversation or situation. The third ‘point’ I will come to later.

As we learn to focus on what is important, the immediate benefit is that we save a lot of energy, and most would agree that that is an extremely important benefit in our busy lives. Aren’t we always complaining about being tired at the end of the day?  So try making the conversations brief and essence-full and, get to the point fast, instead of beating about the bush.  In other words, don’t use ten words when two will do.

We all know how we can lose ourselves, our time and money in the expansion of things.  For example, in order to buy a small gift we roam the whole mall.  Perhaps if we took a few moments at home to reflect and get clear on our purpose of the sort of gift we want to buy, we would only direct ourselves to those shops.  How often have we found ourselves walking into a shoe shop and luggage store, when our intention in going shopping was only to buy a few groceries? All too often we have the experience of starting somewhere, and then ending up somewhere completely different.  The internet is another perfect example.

How often have we rambled on in a conversation and then forgotten what we wanted to say in the first place?  We get distracted with the side scenes and stories and don’t stay focussed!  We not only miss the point, we totally lose the plot!

Black dot

Although life today encourages us to get caught up in the expansion of things, we do have the ability to get to the point. For example, I have done an exercise in seminars on many occasions where I draw a dot on a white board in front of the audience, and then ask them to tell me what they see.  The vast majority of the time they say that they see a black dot.  Yet 99% of the paper is white.  But what is more significant in this case? – yes, the dot.  The expansion (of white paper) is not important and can be easily ignored.

If we can use this ability in our everyday lives to home in on the essence and leave aside the expansion, then imagine how our lives would be more effective, more efficient.  We would be less stressed, more relaxed and with much more time to do what we wanted rather than being caught up in a whirlwind.

This is where the other definition of ‘seeing the point’ comes in handy.  As we begin to see each other as points of light, not these big bodies, but divine beings of light, we realise with an innate conviction that deep down we are all the same, needing and requiring the same things; it is only the casing of the body that is different.  This vision would save us from a lot of waste and negative thinking and we could easily drop the baggage of comparison and competition, jealousy and junk!

Then we can see ourselves and others for what we really are: a world of experience, personality traits, values and virtues – love peace and wisdom- all contained in a tiny invisible point!  And when we get this point, then we can go into the expansion, into life, and share all of these qualities with others.

It’s Time – to get to the point, the essence, and fast.  As I stay focussed and consciously not get caught up in the expanse, I am able to zoom into the essence and create for myself a reserve of energy, which will ensure I always stay empowered.  Do you now get the point?

Share these thoughts! ‘It’s Time…’ is spreading far and wide! Feel free to forward this wisdom, but to avoid any karmic rebound, please acknowledge its source – ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London

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