Be The Rose

Be The Rose

Almost everyone is stunned by roses and their brilliance in terms of colours, fragrance, beautifully curated petals and fragrance.  Our focus is so much on their beauty that we miss to notice the number of thorns on their stems until we are pricked!  (Ouch!).  Lost in the magnificence we don’t even stop to think that such art was created out of soil and manure.  Nature has it perfectly planned that no matter what seed is planted; the elements will unite to help bring out the best potential of the seed.

The soul is synonymous with the seed, waiting to blossom and bloom, amidst the manure of our daily life.  Thorns that offer protection for the rose are synonymous with difficult people and arduous situations for the soul.  These circumstances we find ourselves in are in fact blessings in disguise; they continue our growth and learning, make us stronger and prevent us from developing any self-centeredness or egotism about our beauty and success.

The rose is also naturally fragrant; it is very rare for it not to be.  Thus the soul, is a rose inside and out.  The fragrance is the scent of its divinity and spirituality.  With every virtue we exercise, we become as aromatic as the roses.

Contrary to the scent of the rose is the foul smell of dirt.  If I so even think about something negative or ‘dirty’ that also sets off a smell, but one that people want to run from and not run to!

Roses are appropriate for every occasion; for weddings and funerals.  So too, as we fill our lives with graceful qualities we find that we can mould ourselves into any situation.  Just as roses can be matched into any bouquet, and enhance its beauty, so too the power of adjustment is easy for the one whom is the rose.

Roses are not just meant for romantic couples or occasions.  They can be given to anyone, anytime.  Living life like a rose means that I can brighten up anyone’s life anytime.

It’s time… to emerge the royalty of divinity within the soul and practice being the rose.  Emerge the scent of your virtues and charm others with your fragrance of kindness.  But be cautious of the bugs and bees, for they too shall want to share in your nectar and sweetness!  Thus balance is imperative!


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