Sharing and Caring Begins with Good Feelings

Sharing and Caring Begins with Good Feelings

Receiving good wishes on birthdays and other festive occasions are like an elixir that raises our spirits, strengthening us and others in mind and body.  When such feelings are missing, life seems cold, dry and lonely.  Creating a flow of feelings filled with pure intent is an art we all need to develop, if we are to continue sharing planet earth and its limited resources.

People pick up our feelings whether we intend to convey them or not.  As such what we say or do is wrapped in those latent feelings which the receiver gets as one package.  Our physical image along with body language tells its own story, but our soul communicates as openly and powerfully as what is communicated in speech and behaviour.  Clearly then communication is not just about words — written or spoken – it is also about the quality of our vibrations.

A positive remark or compliment without a smile or a shot of good feelings, for example, will make little impact on the recipient.  Likewise, a negative comment masked by a witty smile, will reveal the sting of hidden negative feelings.

At present it is imperative to have noble feelings towards everyone, rather than of doubt, fear or hatred.  In spiritual language we define this as serving the world with our thoughts and positive vibrations.  Sometimes we may find we are not able to serve by dedicating our time, wealth or other physical resources to a cause, however each one of us can spend time sending light and strength with our thoughts.

There is ample evidence to indicate that our vibrations affect physical matter, all that is living and the non-living around us and beyond.  Dr. Masaru Emoto’s findings have shown that Love and Gratitude are the two most constructive thoughts that create the best molecular structure in water.  That by simply sending powerful vibrations to our food and water, we can heal ourselves.  This is also the hidden secret behind saying grace or praying before eating, before the food is digested and its nutrients become part of our blood!

HAARP, is a High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program that experiments with sending out signals in the form of vibrations to the ionosphere and in some cases has been blamed for a number of events including natural disasters.

So if we can affect physical matter, can we not affect people?  Can our good wishes not help people find their way in dark times?  So instead of wasting time and energy entangled in questions as to why certain things are happening or not happening, as the case may be, harness the mind and make it a factory of pure energized thoughts.  Thoughts filled with compassion, not judgment; thoughts of love, not hatred, thoughts that offer hope and remove despair, thoughts of peace and not panic and fear.

Sometimes, we are unsure of what we want to express.  We may start saying one thing, only to find ourselves communicating something else.  The subconscious mind takes over and we are relaying bitter thoughts and feelings buried in the inner recesses of our mind that perhaps may not have found expression before.  This is when we need to sit in meditation and spend time clearing out our sub conscious or ‘memory track’.  Much of the time our past does not allow us to create a compassionate feeling towards others; we are reminded of past grief and sorrow that prevent the flow of good feelings from our heart.

In fact, this moment is a completely pure moment, we pollute it by bringing the past into it, or being consumed or worried about the future, but in reality this actual moment is a pure moment in time.  Sit for a few minutes now and experience the purity of this very moment.

I am the first to benefit from my own generosity!  As in Dr. Deepak Chopra’s words: The cells are eavesdropping on our mind!  Every thought I create leaves an impression on my physical well-being.  Thus, good thoughts lead to happy and healthy cells whereas bad thoughts to miserable cells.

A lot can be said of the karmic effects of emitting positive thoughts.  They boomerang right back uplifting the soul and keeping it light in spirit, powerfully motivated and at peace with the world.

When we care about someone our communication is ignited from a place of love and so there are no “real” obstacles – our tolerance and willingness to understand is effortless.  What we lack is love for our fellow brothers.  Every soul is bankrupt of spiritual power and that is why each one wants to receive before giving.  Imagine a world where everyone is a giver and not a taker.

We can only truly give when we don’t need anything back.

It’s time… to remember that people respond to us not due to what we say, but rather due to what we don’t say!  Create a positive mind set, fill your memory track with good feelings, and take out a few minutes each day to share and care and even your physical cells will rejoice with you!


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2 Responses to “Sharing and Caring Begins with Good Feelings”

  • Shefali Sinha

    Dear Sis Aruna,

    You write so comprehensively that one who is just having a glimpse of your blog would like to stay for a moment and decide to go through it completely. Dear Sir, my gratitude to you. I would like to request you if there is anything for me to write for Baba. It will be an utmost pleasure for me. I myself by profession is a Writer. Please let me know your thoughts.

    Awaiting your reply.

    Om Shanti

    Shefali Sinha

    • Hello Shefali Dear,

      Om Shanti and Greetings
      Why don’t you begin your own blog…
      Be adventurous and courageous.



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