What’s the Time?

What’s the Time?


Last night I dreamt I was in Macys, I was looking to buy a pair of socks.
As I walked in I noticed a sweater with a price tag of $3000!

Next to the sweater were a pair of Jeans for $4000. The socks were $8000!

I went looking for a salesperson and found one
in the jewellery department, she was showing a man a $11 Rolex watch.
I looked in the glass case and there was a 4 carat diamond ring for $7.

Shocked I asked the salesperson:
“How could a Rolex watch sell for $7?
And a cheap pair of socks sell for $8000″?

She said: “Someone snuck into the store last night
and changed the price tags on everything.

Everyone is confused, people are acting like
they have lost their sense of value.
They are willing to pay lots of dollars for things of little value,
and very little dollars for things of great value

“It’s like they don’t know what is really valuable and what’s not.” 

I said: “I hope we get the price tags back on right soon.
I hate seeing people pay way too much for things of little value.”

I woke up startled…
Maybe life is like my dream too.

Maybe someone snuck into our lives and
changed the price tags on everything?
Maybe they marked up the value of fame, money and power…
And put a huge discount on the value of Love, Kindness, Family and Friends.

Maybe we are all living in this dream.

I certainly hope that we wake up soon.


Seldom do we value time unless we are under the pressure of it. In fact isn’t that the case with everything in life?  When things are in abundance, we waste them, and once we know that they running out, we try to extract the most from them.  Be it the Nutella jar or more importantly in our relationships, especially the terminal ones.  It seems we too need to take a reality check on what is really of value in life.

We have the perfect example between youth and old age.  In our early years we may have wasted a lot of our time, and in old age, we have time to reflect more on our past. We may wish to try and make up for some of those things that we missed out on fifty years ago.  The time of adolescence can be tough.  There are so many things vying from our attention and we may not be studying for those exams as much as we should.  When we don’t pay attention, consistently thinking and believing there will be enough time and then before we know it, the exams are upon us and we stay up all night to cram in all the notes.  Only then we do we learn the lesson that we really have not valued time enough.

 “Youth is wasted on the young.”

George Bernard Shaw

When we have the energy, we often fail to focus that energy in the right direction.  This is simply because we do not have the wisdom of the years behind us.  But, in old age when we have the wisdom, it is then that we find that we have often just run out of time.

Have you noticed, every year the time between our birthdays get closer and closer!  Well perhaps not quite, but you get my point.  The year just goes by and we are celebrating the same festivals all over again.  It seems it was only yesterday that we were celebrating Diwali and Christmas.

Time is a precious commodity.  Once it is gone, it will never come back.  Every second that ticks by is a second lost or used wisely.  What did I do with it?  How did I spend my time?  Did I invest it well, or incurred a debt through it?

Doing a good deed every moment means to invest in time.  But if I give sorrow and pain, then surely I will need to recover from that.  So more time will be wasted in accruing for myself as well as paying off for the damages.

Sometimes all it takes is 22 seconds to destroy a relationship of 22 years.  With the choice of our words we can destroy in a few seconds what took several years to build.  It’s all about how we used that moment; to make it or break it.  Basically, we need to ask ourselves:  How much we are thinking and acting from love?  Sometimes we make poor choices in life.

“We know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

Oscar Wilde


But is it even our fault.  Perhaps it is the fault of the times we are passing through.  These times are known as the dark times.  In the Mahabharata, this time is known as Kaliyuga, the Age of Darkness.  Kali Yuga is associated with the demon Kali (not to be confused with the goddess Kali). The “Kali” of Kali Yuga signifies a time of “strife”, “discord”, “quarrel” or “contention“. It is referred to as the Dark Age because in it people are as far away as possible from God. (wiki)  That means that we are far away from the Great Light, and our own inner light has become very dim if not completely extinguished. We all know that in the absence of light, darkness will prevail.

Many prophets have prophesied the coming of this period of darkness.  We have long awaited it.  A time when values are eroded in society.  A time when we see less respect, less love and less social justice.  We see lots of corruption and deceit and betrayal, in such times not many have the power to do that which is right. To stand by their principles and stand for the truth.

There are a few light workers around, but primarily many choose to live in the dark and choose not to see!  For it’s difficult being a light worker, it means being on duty 24/7, to not only keep the light shining for others but to ensure that one’s own light does not blow out.  To always be alight with peace, love, happiness and kindness!  To be always over flowing with the powers of adjustment and tolerance.  It is a labour of love when we live from the heart.


We will see that the play is coming to the end, and with every ending we must return home.  So too, it is our time to return home.  As children, when we are tired and hungry we miss our home.  For the soul, the Home of Light, the Home of God, is where all the Children of the Light belong.

The only sanctuary we have in this old world is the Heart of God.  If you ever feel troubled, just go straight into the Heart of God.  Believe yourself to be a soul and feel the soul re-connecting with the Light of the Supreme.  There you will find the comfort and rest.

It’s Time… to be wise and return to the inner light of the soul, and connect to the Supreme Light of God.  If we wish to stay enlightened, we must stay in the Light.


© ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK






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