‘You’ll never guess what I just heard!’

Sometimes we just cant wait to pass on the latest piece of information that we just heard. Or we have an urge to seek out the juiciest bit of news about who’s doing what with whom and when and where… But is it fact or fiction? And do we realise that in the process of spreading the gossip or perpetuating rumours, we may be creating a karmic account? In fact, the amount of waste thoughts, peaceless-ness and depression that results from gossip can cost lives, break-ups in families, as well as thousands of dollars to organisations and corporations in the form of law suits.

Usually people who gossip about others are not happy with themselves. They normally have low self esteem or too high an opinion about themselves. And they feel better by putting others down.

Gossip spreads faster than the wind. Gossip is so powerful, that it has been known to create the down-fall of many a great kings and their empires. So dangerous is this habit that it destroys the one who begins it and the accomplices who spread it. Gossip is karmic also for as one talks about others, they are being talked about in the same vein.

Is the need to gossip truly a need, want or an urge? What purpose does gossiping serve the self? Could it be that I am not happy with my own story and therefore I am interested in the story of others?

Though gossip may start out based on fact, the facts can evaporate very quickly. A comment may seem at first to be innocent, but as we share it – and spice it up as we go along – we move a long way from the original truth of the matter. As we share it with others and as they add to the pot, the gossip gathers momentum and before we know it, we have iniatiated a broth of waste thoughts, time and energy.

Be cautious of second (or third!) hand news also. If you have not heard it yourself, you do not know HOW it was said and in WHAT context. Where possible, get the real story from the ‘horse’s mouth’ before you take action.

Ever tried playing Chinese Whispers… the initial message sent out is never the same that returns. For example: Kevin Shortbread shed twenty kilos becomes Karin Crumble is pregnant… and again! In the space of a few minutes you see the birth of a juicy gossip.

Listening to gossip can also be dangerous. Be cautious when someone repeats a little nugget of information they’ve just overheard, for it can create confusion and questions in your mind, doubts and negative thoughts about others and it may just not be accurate at all. Also if people know that they can come to you to gossip, then you become a dumping ground for their rubbish.

Self-respect is the key to avoid indulging in gossip. When I am in the true awareness of my beautiful innate qualities, and recognise my self worth, then I feel full and do not need to live out someone else’s story or compete with them in any way. And because I value my space and positive frame of mind, I also do not encourage others to deposit their negativity around me.

It’s time… to put away the spice box! Don’t entertain gossip and don’t embellish what you hear before serving it to others. Pay no attention to hearsay and remember what others think about you is none of your business. Create a constructive wave of positive dialogues. And if you really do NEED to chinwag then praise and honour others, applaud their efforts and achievements for what goes around comes around!

Share these thoughts! ‘It’s Time…’ is spreading far and wide! Feel free to forward this wisdom, but to avoid any karmic rebound, please acknowledge its source –
‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London

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