On Time

Animals by instinct do the same thing each day at the same time of day without the need of a clock. I remember a cat that used to come by our house every evening at 7pm – I don’t ever remember seeing her wearing a Cartier or a Rolex! So why is it that human beings need clocks?

In times long gone we told the time by the sun, and it didn’t matter too much if we were an hour or so late, or a tad early. But now in the age of split second precision, even one-hundredth of a second can make the difference between win and lose.

We need to remember that clocks are our invention. Some may even say that time is our invention. Yet we run around like slaves under the command of the master on the wall. Because ‘time is money’ and there is ‘no time to lose’, we constantly have to jump to attention.

A clock is merely a tool that helps keep our life and daily timetable on track. It’s very interesting how this otherwise insignificant piece of metal or the little numbers in the corner of your PC can create so much stress.

And speaking of designer watches that can chew up your whole savings, it will tell the same time as will a one-dollar Casio watch, will it not? But that is a discussion for another time!

We need clocks and watches to be our policemen when we try to cram too much into the day and like a machine push our body (and soul) to fulfill every contract and appointment. We keep ‘oiling’ the machine with caffeine in the hope that the clock will tick slower and the body will tick faster!

Without realizing it we have replaced our internal body clock and intuition with the clocks on the walls, and watches on our wrists. Do we really need to make the clock our constant companion if we are totally in tune and on pulse with our instinctual inner clock?

In the noise of our busy-ness, we cannot sense our eating and sleeping needs. We skip meals and do not eat on time, or we burn the midnight oil thereby disturbing our equilibrium. All these habits keep us away from hearing the inner call of time.

We often proclaim that time is speeding up, but are the hands of the clock really turning faster, or could it just be our minds that are racing?

We may say that we are ‘running out of time’, or that we have ‘lost time’. Occasionally we have to ‘find time’ or ‘make time’ but in truth, time is the constant, it will continue to tick away minute by minute, hour by hour. It is how we perceive time and what we do with it that is important.

By practicing meditation we do not slow down, rather it slows down our thoughts – we have fewer yet more powerful thoughts, which are able to manifest success as and when needed.

We may just find that as we become more relaxed, we also become less ‘busy’ and probably a lot more efficient! We no longer have to live our life by clockwork, but we use time in the right way with the feeling of being a master.

With peace and calm as our companions, we are able to make clear and immediate choices. When the mind is still like a lake, then it can also give serenity to those around it. So too when I am at peace, I am able to make those around me peaceful and focused.

It’s Time… to live by our instinctual inner clock. Living life by clockwork is neither healthy for our body, mind or spirit. We can’t lose time or find it or make it, but by becoming a master, we will make time our best friend and not our Rolex!

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‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London

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One Response to “On Time”

  • Its really very interesting how you explained such a serious topic in such an easy way . Truly its time to be on time. Thanks 🙂


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