Touched and Moved

Touched and Moved

We all feel it when we are touched by something or someone, whether in our heart, our mind or our body. Yet if we were to describe the how or the what of it, it would be very difficult to explain.

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Why is it that we feel a physical and emotional warmth, or a sense of peace and calm when touched by some people, and yet we cringe when we accidently brush past a stranger?  Is it purely psychological, or are there some other forces at work?

Recent studies have shown that we all do actually relay subtle energies to others in close proximity to us, through vibrational frequencies. But are we clear on what exactly is it that we are emitting, and what we are taking in?

Even on a physical level, we are transmitting messages. While the Asians bow to each other or salute with folded hands as a mark of respect, the Westerners shake hands, originally meant to demonstrate that they come in peace, empty handed – without any weapons.  In ancient times, hugs were common to demonstrate solidarity.  In more modern times, touching another on the shoulder may be more fitting.  In the Middle East, even males kiss the cheek of another male to show love and respect.  In other words, some form of physical gesture is adopted to initiate communication or show affection.  It’s a way of saying ‘I grant you clearance’ and ‘I allow you into my world’.

The sense of touch is very important to people’s wellbeing. People who are ill and who are comforted with physical touch tend to heal more quickly. And children when reassured by the physical touch of a trusted and loved adult tend to learn faster as they feel safe and more secure.

Touched 2

On another, more subtle level, if one is in the presence of a powerful person, one may feel enveloped in their energy or ‘charisma’. In such a case one may feel motivated to become like them – to the point of aspiring to become an actor after meeting one, or a pop artist after hearing one, or a monk or a yogi when totally inspired by their simplicity and renunciation. Energy is transferred from one to the other – intentionally or unintentionally – and one is moved or touched.

And it seems that love or attachment is not just in the mind either. Experiments conducted by Rollin McCraty at the Institute of HeartMath show that the heart creates the strongest electromagnetic field of the body, and the transfer of this energy from one person to another can be scientifically measured.

When one person held another’s hand in the experiment, the energy was conducted from the heart to the other person, much like a wire conducts electricity.  Even sitting in close proximity, allowed energy to transfer from one person to the other.

So whether we know it or not, we are constantly being influenced by different energies. Some we may need to protect ourselves from, as they can be hurtful and damaging, while others can be energizing and inspiring. The art is to be able to discriminate. For this our own purity of energy is important. Our pure heartedness and pure intentions will be a protection from negative energies, and in turn we will touch others with our positive energy.

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And just as we are being touched by others, so too, we are influencing others around us all the time.  It is not just our words and deeds that have an affect on others.  We also need to take care of our thoughts, feelings and intentions for they too ripple out into the environment and create a corresponding effect. Simply by creating thoughts (and thus vibrations) of happiness, appreciation, peace, love and gratitude, we can touch and inspire others with our higher frequency, and they too can be uplifted. This is one of the greatest gifts we can give to another and to the world. Do not underestimate the power of this invisible energy, it can move mountains!

It’s time… to notice the subtle energies around us and within us. Recognise the power of each thought and feeling and use it for the good of all. When we make our intentions pure, we can begin to change the world!

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