Stick to Your Story!

Stick to Your Story!


I’m not sure how many New Year’s resolutions you declared, or how many you are still putting into practice! But in order to keep on track, it is so important to stay positive. Focus your attention on what is working: not on what isn’t.

On December 31st as we made our resolutions, surely we did not expect to become perfect by the first of January! But the intention behind it was that we want to change something, become better, and want to have more control over our lives. So go easy. So long as we are sincere and we know we are trying, then we are on the right track. And that for me is the main thing. Our speed may be slow and we may have pit stops along the way, but we are at least on the right highway, and we will get to our destination eventually!

Even if things don’t seem to be going exactly the way you wanted them to, stay focused on the slightest glimmer of success you may be experiencing. Keep applauding yourself for the tiny victories, and don’t allow the failures to knock you back. For example if you were able to resist the chocolate once (instead of the other three times), or you went to the gym atleast twice a week, instead of the four times you thought you would, then stay happy with that small success and make sure you register that in your mind. At least it’s something to build on.

It’s so easy to concentrate on the defeats as opposed to the victories. It’s a bit like your attention being drawn to the black dot on the white board, when in fact it is the white that is 99.9% visible. So if we happen to be faltering, then let us ask ourselves the question, what story are we telling ourselves in our minds? Is it a negative one, for example, “I knew I couldn’t do it!” Or, “It’s impossible!” or, “How stupid of me to even think that I could!”? Or, is it an encouraging story?

It’s time to create the habit of being nice to ourselves – to reset our mindset. If we do not talk kindly and respectfully to our own selves then how can we expect others to? If we do not appreciate the little positive things that happen, then who will? In fact, success or defeat first begins in the core of our mind – in our belief system. This is the place where the seed germinates. And so, if the environment of the mind is not a positive or encouraging one, then no matter how many times you say, “I will” or “I can”, it will only be superficial. It will be only heard by you, but not felt by you!

The story is always about me, and not others! Let me fix my story and not try to fix that of others. In my story, I have to be the centre of attention. Not in the sense of receiving attention from others, but for me to give myself all the attention in order to ensure my story stays happy and positive. Stick to your story. And don’t give into doubt, waste and negative thoughts.

Because, the story I tell myself is giving me power (or not). The story is about me becoming stronger, and wanting to learn, and to progress and to become abundant and forgiving and loving.

I need to be mindful of my language and what I express and how I express it, what I experience and how I register that in my mind. So this is the story I need to be telling our self:

Everything is wonderful!

I know I can do it.

A beautiful lesson.

I have the will and the strength.

Everything is in perfect flow.

There is perfect timing in everything I do.

I know they will remember…

My time is being used in a worthwhile way.

I love everything the universe offers.

I know I am a master creator.

Everything is working around here.

There is abundance.

Time is in my favour.

I always have enough to pay my bills.

I receive cooperation whenever I need it.

I am the master of my happiness.

I have the supreme light by my side.

It will happen.

I can feel the success.

I believe everything will go right.

Other people’s intentions are always good.

As we talk to ourselves in this way, then we create the perfect breeding ground for positivity. And of course positivity can only breed more positivity. Stick to your (positive) story and you will make it happen.

It’s time… to tell yourself the best story. Focus on what is working and give that more fuel. And in this way, you will reach your destination!

© ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK

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8 Responses to “Stick to Your Story!”


    Everything you wrote is positive and wonderful.
    Thanks lot Aruna Didi

  • so true sister!every time we appreciate ourselves for the smallest of achievement it is a sure way to progress and a conviction that we will definitely achieve it.As God says-one step of your courage and thousand steps of father’s help.
    thank you
    om shanti!

    • Thanks Aditi,
      So important to keep patting oneself for every positive step
      All the best
      Om Shanti

  • Dear sister Aruna, Om shanti! I love to read your blogs. They inspire, motivate & strengthened me.keep writing and help me climb up and write my own story….

  • thanks as this is a sweet reminder to focus on what works and stay very focus on the goals then the outcome is automatic :))



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