Soul Sleep

Soul Sleep

Many of us maybe physically awake, yet asleep in other ways.  Sleep is generally good for us and we could not survive for very long without it.  But when the consciousness falls asleep it reveals another angle to the maxim, ‘If you snooze you lose’!

Just as sleep is a requisite for the body to re-energise itself, so too, ‘awakened-ness’ is a requisite for the soul to uplift itself.  The more conscious, alert and aware we are to our thoughts and the things around us, and the more often we make elevated choices in the moment according to our new levels of understanding, then the more enlightened we become on a daily basis. 

To be soul-awake means a multitude of things: but on a simple level it means to be attentive to our thoughts and to think, say and do the right thing at the right time, as opposed to being sloppy and negligent.  To be awake means being aware enough to catch the next golden opportunity, instead of always feeling unfortunate, left out or lagging behind!  To be awake means to give and share what is required in the need of the moment as opposed to being oblivious.  It means to be alert and active enough to take action, as opposed to being lazy and careless.  It means to be sensitive to the needs of the other instead of indifferent.

When we are fast asleep in our beds we are lost in ourselves; in our world of dreams and desires.  We may think we are resting, but very often the subconscious is working on overdrive.  So we seldom get the full rest we need, because internally we are not at peace.

Imagine now, a person in the unconsciousness of coma.  No matter how hard you beat the drums in front of him, he is not able to hear them. He is just not present or aware.

So too with soul sleep, we are lost in our selfish, egocentric world of isolation.  We only think of ourselves and taking care of our personal livelihood, rather than that of the greater human race.  We do not realise the effect of our actions on the planet. We live just to fulfil our own desires, and are happy enough in our own world. We are deaf and blind to the bigger picture, unaware of the subtle mechanisms or connections that exist behind the material world. We do not understand the invisible energies that shape our existence.

It is living in the consciousness of being only a 3D body that makes us fall asleep.  We may not be ready or willing to wake up and face our deeper reality.  It may feel scary, or too much hard work to wake up to our truth. ‘Ignorance is bliss’ we may think! And it is true that we will each wake up in our own time when it is right for us.

Most of us are awake sometimes, and asleep sometimes. It depends how vigilant we are at keeping our consciousness alert. But how much are we missing out on when the soul is asleep? A great deal in fact.

When we are in a heightened awareness of soul consciousness, we are happier, more radiant, more joyful!  We are more loving, compassionate, self-assured and confident. We act from a deeper understanding and not just from our habits and emotions. We can more easily let go of the negative aspects of our personality and embrace and even create the positive. 

We are kinder to ourselves and to others. We live very different and more fulfilling lives, because it really does feel like living, as opposed to survival! Life is no longer a battle, instead it becomes an exciting journey of discovery.

At the end of a tiring day, it feels comforting, relaxing and rewarding to fall into bed and sleep. 

But better still is the joy of waking up, refreshed and motivated, with the sun shining and birds singing, alert and excited about the adventures of a new day!

It’s time… to wake up from the sleep of ignorance, into a world of love, joy and discovery!


© ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK

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