New Beginnings – New You!

New Beginnings – New You!

Our impulse for newness is natural.  In fact we are meant to be renewed at every moment; our body is certainly doing that for us naturally, but sometimes our soul gets left behind. If flowers did not wilt, we would be surprised. So why are we concerned when it comes to life, and when things lose their energy, momentum and punch! Isn’t that just as natural as the laws of life?

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We are sometimes our own biggest enemy when it comes to making big changes – or making any changes at all! Our EGO convinces us that we are in the right place, doing the right thing. Yet, perhaps we should try and ‘go over there’, to the other side and take a look.  We might be surprised.

Start Now
The New Year may seem like a good time to start something new, but we can start anytime. I am beginning to believe strongly that as soon as I become aware of something I need to change, then I need to start implementing it NOW!  Only then does it have real power.  A determined thought is a thought with a lot of thrust!  A plane needs a lot of thrust for it to get off the ground, so too, for a thought to ‘take off’, it needs determination. So, the first lesson is, as soon as you become aware of something you need to change, then begin right away. Even if you start small… never mind, just act on it!

Nothing Ever Changes Unless YOU Do
Firstly, I have to change, not that they have to change or that has to change. We can change external situations such as get a new partner, renovate our house, or perhaps even change countries, have saved up enough to be satisfied… yet if we are the same inside as we were before, it’s like creating a paradise around us and yet we still have the devil inside us. It is like having a new garden landscape, yet we are still wearing the same dirty glasses, so even though everything around us is new, we won’t be able to appreciate it.  So clean your glasses and change yourself and then you wont need to change anything around you at all – it will automatically feel different.

Change the Past by Changing the Now
The only way to change my past is to change my now moment, because very soon my now will become my past. If I don’t, my future is destined to be the same!  As I remain conscious of my actions and begin to do things differently from how I did them in the past, then I am transforming myself and my future will change.  Others too will observe that change with time, and very soon, I will have changed, and so will their image of me!

Be in a Happy State in order to Transform
If we really want to change then that can only happen when we are somewhat in a happy state of mind.  If we are mad, sad or bad, then even though we want to change, it will be very difficult.  We need to be happy from the inside out and not because of something ‘out there’.  We need to cultivate happiness by choosing to see the glass half full and not half empty. To have an attitude of gratitude at all times.  This energy is enough to make shifts in the soul.

Face Your Fears
Everyone talks about this, yet how often do we do it?  Or, do we stay stuck in our comfort zone? If you have any fears, then sit with yourself in silence and stillness and imagine the fear is like the mouth of a lion or a tiger. Now feel yourself putting your head into that mouth, and very soon, as you literally and metaphorically face your fear, you will find that it disappears, or at least doesn’t have as much hold on you as it did. Fear is often exaggerated in our mind – it seems bigger than it is, but instead of avoiding it, just face it, do it, grab it, dance with it, love it, and it will become smaller.

Let Go
Let go of all that is holding you back, it is not worth holding onto. Whether mental things such as revenge and regret, guilt and remorse, or possessions you don’t need, take time to let them go.  It will do you a world of good to declutter your mind in the same way as you would declutter your wardrobe.  Holding on to the old and the past is like being tied to a ball and chain and then expecting to fly and be free. Let go and you will be set free.

Ghandhian Principle: Be the Change You Want to See
If you want a clean country or county, then make sure you are not the one dumping any rubbish. If you want love and respect, then you be the one to show it first. If you want peace and order around you then show that first. If you want kindness, then begin by being kind first. When we change, then we give courage to others to also get off the garden fence.

Here are some questions you may want to reflect on.  Put on some gentle music, read the questions and answer them as you understand them.  There is no right or wrong answer.  Whatever answer comes to you is the right one!

Looking back to 2016

What has been your greatest learning?

List three ‘blessings’ you received.

When did you feel most alive?

Who did you inspire?

The Present Moment

What would you like to attract right now in your life?

If your body could talk, it would say… (finish the sentence)

What is the hidden value in this situation? (whatever situation comes to your mind)

What ‘language’ are you speaking? (the choice of words you are using)

What character traits do you need to work on?

2017 and Beyond

What would be the ideal way for me to spend my day?

I slow myself down by… (finish the sentence)

Make a list of words you would like to hear every day.

What is stopping you? (see what person or situation comes to mind)

What would you like your legacy to be?

What is your ideal vision of yourself?

A coconut is one of my Symbols – strong from the outside and soft from the inside! 🙂 Plus, I just love coconuts!


Now, allow yourself to relax, go inside of yourself and choose and draw (and make it colourful!) a symbol for yourself that will be your theme for the coming year. Look at your symbol often. How does it represent you and your aspirations for the New Year? How does it motivate and inspire you? How will it remind you of your inner powers, qualities and strengths, and bring you close to the New You that you would like to be?

All the best for 2017 and beyond.

All good wishes for a New You.

It’s Time…  for new beginnings!


© ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK



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2 Responses to “New Beginnings – New You!”

  • Dear Aruna,

    The first time I saw you (peace in the park 2015), I regretted missing your talk. Yet I decided to buy your book ‘It’s Time …for change’ , because I got inspired by your subject that day. This book has been and still is very helpful for me. I hoped to meet you and attend your classes. Luckily I did!!!
    You’re explanations are so clear and touching for me, as it includes so much enthusiasm and love;-) Now with this ‘New Beginnings’ I am ready to become ‘the coconut’ by letting myself guide by the questions. So for me it’s time to think about every question, answer them and put the answers in practice. Thank you so much for your inspiration Aruna!
    Om Shanti!


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