What if EGO were a person?  What would be his personality?  Perhaps if we put a face to the EGO we might understand it better, and recognize how this bully has a hold over us.  It wants to be in the front seat at all times! It constricts us and does not allow ‘I the soul’ to shine and sparkle in the light that I really am.

Of course, MR EGO can equally be MRS or MS. EGO has no gender, but he/she does have an Agenda!

THE EGO is serious… about everything. Everything is important and everything has to be accurate and on time. The EGO excels in serious situations, summons up more power and becomes more controlling.

The word FUN is not in the dictionary of the EGO.  The EGO is too arrogant to be light-hearted and playful.  One thing that the EGO is too scared to get close to is possible ridicule, embarrassment or shame.

The EGO loves to be right… all the time.  Not only that, it wants to prove others wrong whilst it proves itself right.  EGO will not discuss and not reason. The EGO does not allow itself to see that others can also have bright ideas and may be right also. It’s either the E-way or the Highway.  Because the EGO is insecure, it cannot allow others to come close.

EGO loves to be in its comfort zone, safe and secure.  If there is any hardship, the EGO loses its patience, peace and happiness, thus missing out on life experiences and their lessons, and ultimately the enjoyment of life.  When it has to adjust the slightest, the EGO feels pity for itself, feeling that life is conspiring against it, because the EGO always feels alone and separate.

The EGO is selfish, it does not care for people or things.  It only cares for itself.  It is stuck at ‘i’ (with a small ‘i’) and doesn’t even consider the ‘we’.  The EGO will race to get its own needs met first before considering others.  The EGO will be the first to jump in, step in, dive in!  It wants to be first and foremost. It fears losing out.

EGO loves predictability.  If something is out of line, EGO screams and shouts. It can’t handle it. It can only handle the known, and not the unknown. EGO does all in its power to keep things and people in their places, so there can be no surprises. Flexibility is not an option.

EGO loves to talk.  It can’t handle silence and has to fill the void by stepping in and saying something.  EGO loves to be heard, yet finds it hard to listen!  Even though there may be inverted EGO personality types who shrink at the prospect of being put in the limelight for fear of close inspection, they too are talking loudly with the silence of their actions. Because the EGO, for all it’s bravado, is not confident.

The EGO loves to complicate.  It loves to expand.  Nothing is simple for the EGO. Everything turns into a drama or a story, which has to be told over and again. It loses energy, yet it will not stop, because it believes that it derives kudos from being the story teller.

EGO is scared.  It fears defeat and complexity. The opposite of fear is love and the EGO finds it hard to love and engage.  Love embraces and EGO keeps everyone at a distance.

It’s Time… for MR/MRS EGO to go.  If he/she wants to stay, they have to change, otherwise they can catch the highway!






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2 Responses to “MR EGO”

  • B K Akash

    sister you gave various properties of ego and you have made it better understand us how it works.
    thank you for sharing your deep introspection and efforts.
    om shanti.

  • This is such a great lesson. I felt I could have put names to Mr/Mrs.
    Great article as always.


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