Mind Your Own Business

Mind Your Own Business

It makes good business sense to mind our own ‘business’, rather than to constantly keep an eye on what our neighbours are doing!

‘Business’ here is not a reference to managing our shops, but rather to managing our own life events. Minding our own business means to keep our eyes, mind and attention on our own drama, rather than to poke around in someone else’s. Moseying or noseying in other people’s business does not serve us in the least. When our mind is distracted from our own goal and purpose, then we will never reach where we want to be in our lives. When we focus on what others are doing then we don’t attain, we just continue to complain!

Sometimes it’s easier to look at others and point the finger or offer ‘well meaning’ advice, simply because our own life isn’t going that well.

Mind-When we complain

We act as experts on others’ lives offering advice on all manner of things that really are none of our business. And what we often fail to see… is that what we are attempting to fix in other people’s dramas… is the exact same thing that we need to fix in our own!

How often do we look at (and perhaps comment on) others’ defects when we should be looking at our own shortcomings?  We talk about others and what they are doing, when we should be assessing our own life path. We advise others on anything from the colour of their hair to their love lives and everything in between without a moment’s thought about whether they actually value, need, or even want our advice. Unsolicited advice doesn’t usually go down very well, and the one at the receiving end can often feel irritated, annoyed, or even bullied, and yet we persist in the illusion that we know best.

And isn’t it an interesting phenomenon that we often find other people’s stories more fascinating than our own? What is the difference between following a soap serial on TV or following your family and friends dramas in real life? The answer is probably very little.

Mind-Unsolicited Advice

Maybe it is because we are unable to find satisfaction and contentment in our own lives that we feel compelled to add more spice and drama by stealing excitement from others.

By interfering in other people’s business, we may be doing more damage than good. As we interfere in their script we are becoming directors of their roles.  We must realise that we cannot change anyone, nor force others to do anything. It would be futile to even try. As we try to change them, we may be incapacitating their spiritual and psychological growth as well as denying ourselves the beauty of seeing their real worth and value in our lives. Karmicly this would also not be a wise move!

Mind-Inspire them

If we truly want to help people in their lives, then we should learn to inspire and support them, not perspire to enforce them!

Learning to stay quiet, to stay emotionally detached, and to observe without judgment are a few of the practices we can implement if we want to enjoy life, win friends and most important of all, comfort others in a sincere and beneficial way.

Mind-stay quiet

As we focus on and take care of our own internal business, as we get our own house in order, then we will feel less inclined to look around to see what others are doing.

When we realise that we too are not perfect and capable of making mistakes, then we will begin to be more accepting, forgiving, compassionate and understanding.

It’s time… to mind our own business first. When we gain wisdom from life experience and self-reflection, when we have put our own house in order, then we will not feel the need to give advice to others. They will be so inspired that they will approach us!

Share these thoughts! ‘It’s Time…’ is spreading far and wide! Feel free to forward this wisdom, but to avoid any karmic rebound, please acknowledge its source – ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London


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Appreciate your efforts to make this a better place , your invaluable teachings are making a big difference. thank you


Wise counsel, in general!
But if all gurus/Enlightened-ones/counsellors were to follow it literally, the world would be poorer in with/light? At some stage and in many cases ‘healing’ is a
shared purpose! And ‘holding up’ an enabling mirror a
important part of it!