Live with ‘THE END’ in Mind

Live with ‘THE END’ in Mind

We are born out of silence and it is into silence we shall return
We came alone and we shall go alone
We came empty-handed and shall leave empty handed

In between we get to experience…
Laughter and tears
Gladness and sadness
Victory and defeat
It is our choice!

Budha In the end

If only we could remember that all we run after in this material life will be left behind when we leave this body, then perhaps we might spend less time chasing after it!  If this little nugget of truth remained in our awareness it would relieve us of a lot of headache and heartache!

We will all die one day and at that point no-one will worry about how much we have in our bank account!  Well, the children might – but it’s not an immediate question that comes to the mind of most.  We more often query whether the deceased were healthy and happy, or disappointed with life.  When we talk about someone having a ‘good life’ we are most often referring to the account of the soul!

But why should we leave it until so late to question the quality of life?  Instead it would be wise to face a few questions now, so we may take stock, and set the compass of our life to arrive in time at our desired destination in the manner we would wish to!

How would you want to die at the end – most people would prefer a quick and ‘happy’ departure rather than a long drawn out death.  By choice of our thoughts and deeds, our desires and our beliefs, we can even determine this in advance.  The sages in India claim to be able to leave the body (die) at will and their choosing.  We really do have the power to influence how we ’leave’ at the end.Budha guru

What would you like people to say about you at your funeral or on your gravestone?  This is an interesting exercise to do with yourself.  Sit down and write down your own epitaph and then check if it’s just wishful thinking on your part, or whether it could be a reality.  Will people be glad or sad that you are no longer here?

We know that when we leave we take nothing physical with us, but what we will take is what we have accumulated in our spiritual bank account.  Good deeds leave positive and empowering imprints on the soul.  Good deeds strengthen our will to do even more good no matter when and to where we may go.

Budha small things

Things noticed by God and by people are not necessarily the big things, but sometimes the smallest acts of humanity and thoughtfulness.  A person I met in China recently realised that one girl whom she remembered from 17 years before in London happened to be my sister.  What had remained uppermost in her mind about the encounter after all that time was the fact that my sister had made her a sandwich for her journey home.  I am sure many great things happened for her in London, but what did she remember?  The small act of kindness!  A sandwich!

Every minute is flying by, do not waste it.  Time cannot be recycled like water can.  Every breath that passes will not come back.  If we have done all that we wanted to, then we can say with our hands on our hearts that we did our best!  If we deviated from truth or wasted our life and resources then we will have to settle the ‘bill’ later and we will have only ourselves to blame for that.

Budha NOW

Live in the moment, live now, do not postpone life for later.  Do what you want to do, today!  And what you want to do today, do it now!  There is no time like the present.  Postponing change will only instill the habit of procrastination; it will not bring about the desired change.  Act on your good thoughts immediately, do not hesitate, and then see how life rewards you.

We have to live life to the full and give all that we can now so that the soul leaves with blessings and not bad feelings.  Blessings, those heartfelt thanks, are the wings with which the soul flies onto its next destination, the curses are the load that won’t allow the soul to ‘move on’.

It’s Time… to enjoy a good and full life by living every moment, and claiming as many blessings from others while we are still alive.  Then not only will our life be good – but our death will also!


Share these thoughts! ‘It’s Time…’ is spreading far and wide! Feel free to forward this wisdom, but to avoid any karmic rebound, please acknowledge its source – ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London


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It is very good

Preeti mathew

Om shanti sister Aruna …thanks for sharing such a wonderful thought with us all…really it’s very important for all of us to know the reality dat v all hv to live in de moment..nothing lasts forever…n de most imp thing v have to live in de moment and do our best for de betterment of ourselves and for others…
Do keep sharing such wonderful things always
Best wishes !
Om shanti !