Losing something can be very upsetting; whether it’s losing a precious member of your family, who can never be replaced, or losing keys or wallets that can be.  Imagine all the times you have lost something, and what a frenzy it can cause us.  In fact, as soon as we lose something, we create fear and insecurity inside of ourselves and, we often get others caught up in the mayhem also.

Audio – Lost? (Music by Chris Spheeris – Allura)

This is the very same type of distress that we, the family of humanity are experiencing at the moment. We have lost our inner peace and power, and our willingness to love and trust. And that’s what the unhappiness is all about.

We lost the plot some time ago!  We got so carried away by our advancements in information and technology; we went into outer space and landed on the moon, we got to see the sun’s ‘face’ with our satellites… and yet we forgot to look inside of ourselves.


There is a Native Indian story about elders of a tribe who had secrets to pass down to their young.  But the secrets could only be understood when the young became mature – so the elders had to hide the secrets in a place where they could not be found until the young had gained enough wisdom to know what to do with them. The elders gathered in a circle to meet. They asked the question, where should we bury all these deep secrets of the universe that we have kept safe and treasured for so long?  Some said, hide it in the caves. Others said put it on the mountain tops, they will be too lazy to climb up.  Others umm’d and ahh’d and said, no, lets hide them in the depths of the ocean, they will never find them there.  The wisest one of all, sitting in the corner said: lets hide them inside their hearts, they will never think of looking for them there! And that’s exactly what has happened to humanity. We have been seeking in all four corners for the secrets of life, not realizing that all the time they were inside of us.

We may not be able to articulate it, but that sense of loss inside of us can account for many deep-seated feelings, emotions and beliefs. For example, a lack of self-esteem or self-worth, emptiness, anger, jealousy, to name but a few. It generates restlessness, fear and insecurity. We know that something is missing in our lives, but we can’t quite put our finger on it. The truth is, we not only lost our inner powers, but we forgot that we lost them!


Now imagine the joy of finding the very thing you have been searching for. What a sense of relief and exhilaration! The car keys or the passport – now you can get to your destination on time and without stress. That large amount of money that you mislaid and just found – now you have the means to get what you need or desire.

These physical possessions are tiny in comparison to the unlimited treasures within us. Imagine the joy when we realize that we have the key to the lost treasures of life in our hands.

Once I have found my inner treasures, then I no longer need to keep stumbling around looking for them. The search is over. There is a deep feeling of contentment, happiness. No more yearning or desires. No more restlessness. No emptiness, or loneliness. Absolute peace.


If I am still experiencing those negative feelings it means I am still searching. Perhaps I have understood that these treasures are within me, but I haven’t quite realized them yet. I therefore need to go deeper, I need more time, more silence, I gently allow my feelings to guide me to the ultimate knowing of my truth. And once I arrive at that place I was looking for, I will know from the depth of my heart – that I have arrived. I have found myself.

It’s time… to look a little deeper inside for those lost treasures. And once I do, I will arrive at such a deep inner peace. Then I will feel I have arrived home – back to the self!

© ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK


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9 Responses to “Lost?”

  • M L Nagpal

    I find all your observations just right. Same this time.
    But I have a problem which I am yet to resolve. What do we do to look inside of us leave alone DEEP INSIDE. I have read a lot about this and I believe this is possible but somehow it has missed me.
    Could you enlighten me. I am an old man very recently introduced to Brahma Kumaris. I am keen to look inside of me because I want to find those treasures and be wiser.
    Om shanti.

    • Dear Mr Nagpal,

      It is more a matter of walking your path rather than looking inside. Every experience in one’s journey is an opportunity to look within. Every individual’s journey is different and it is a path that each has to walk by themselves. As long as there are lessons to be learnt, we will encounter and re-encounter situations until we acknowledge and learn the lesson. It is only through reflection (meditation) and churning that one can come to realization and through realization bring about change, resolution or closure in any matter. Successful conclusion also builds trust in the self.
      Answers come when we start to question ourselves instead of blaming others or external situations. Answers also come when we help others through their problems and situations for as we come closer to another’s difficulties, we automatically are grateful for our own blessings. This sense of gratitude changes our energy as we realize how much we have thus making us more gracious and giving.

      Problems, worries, disputes, obstacles come into our lives in order to bring out our strengths. Every obstacle we face and conquer makes us stronger but we should also know how to solve a problem. One of the most beneficial subjects taught in school is Maths. It is the only subject in which you are given problems to solve albeit mathematical problems. No other subject does this. It teaches you to look at a problem, observe it, think of different solutions and ultimately solve it. It is one of the most important brain processes that children will need in life. One who has studied maths will automatically use the same process to solve any problem – the brain will automatically follow a certain pattern.

  • BK Veena Kapoor

    Really loved how you brought out the understanding of lost inner treasures. Very useful to explain others, and I hope to share with others and acknowledging you as the author. Thank you.

  • Dr (Mrs )Hemanshu Pahwa

    Reading this itself is so very powerful. ..it gives a beautiful insight.


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