Little by Little

Little by Little


Many people ask me how I have managed to write four books despite having a busy schedule. To be honest, even I can’t answer that question. But I guess it has something to do with writing something regularly and assiduously every week, and then, voila – the results appear. I believe the same principle could be applied to everything in our lives. Once we begin by doing just a little at a time, and we create some consistency in that, then we are on our way to fulfilling our wishes or dreams. As the Chinese proverb states: ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’!

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I have mentioned before that, in any sports game, it is those small steps of courage and determination that are important. For example hitting the walking ring daily, the seemingly inconsequential defenses in football, the points in tennis, all add up to winning the game. In everyday life too, we may wonder how we can ‘win the game’ or realize our vision for our life. If we begin small and progress a little at a time, then our persistency and momentum can take us much further than erratic bursts of energy followed by waning enthusiasm will ever do.

Sometimes we get stuck in the notion that ‘I will only be great once I get to the top’, or that ‘I can only be kind and generous when I am rich and famous’. Yet those who have gotten to the top know only too well that it was the small things they sweated out, or thought about, or cared about along their journey that made them great, and got them to the top of everyone’s hearts!


If you have a dream, then envision your dream, but also reflect upon the small steps that you can begin with. For example if your passion is to save the environment, begin by cleaning up your front yard or local park or pond. If you want to help the elderly or homeless, then begin by visiting care homes near you, or talking to the homeless on the streets and getting to know their stories. If you dream to become a famous comedian, then begin by making those around you laugh!

As we start by doing the little things, the processes of whittling away the ego, of disciplining the self, of dedication, honesty, sincerity and authenticity are all at play. More than just the deed itself, it is the power of these qualities that become the fuel for our success. And on the journey we gain confidence and self-respect.

Small does not mean insignificant. When big people do small things, it touches the button of the heart! These days it’s often not the big things that people expect and appreciate any more, it’s the small things.  A little smile, a quick phone call, or a short sweet message.  That can very often be enough to make all the difference.

What would happen if you spent a mere 20 minutes a day – the time you might spend drinking a coffee, and possibly less than you might spend on Facebook – on a new project. That amounts to 7300 minutes or 122 hours a year. You may be surprised at how much you could achieve!

It’s time… to begin with small steps. Start the journey with a little discipline and dedication and imagine where it can take you.


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