Let’s Create a Positive Narrative

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Let’s Create A Positive Narrative

“The only thing we need to
fear is fear itself.”

Franklin D Roosevelt


Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay


With the negative narrative being pushed down our throats all day everyday via the general media, social media and with the government lockdowns etc., it is hardly surprising to find that people are experiencing high levels of stress in such a fear induced atmosphere.  The topic of the virus now dominates the airways and any other news seems to have been wiped out.  It is high time that we started to create and sustain a positive narrative and stick to that!  We have to break out of this fear narrative that we have found ourselves trapped in.

Yes, I do believe there is a virus out there, and for some people it may sadly prove to be fatal.  But from what we know and with the nature of viruses, if we are affected by the virus it won’t kill us if we are generally in good health.  It tends to be the frail, elderly and those already in poor health who succumb to the virus which attacks the respiratory system.  Of course there are exceptions, and as yet we do not have all the facts and figures.

But some things will certainly help improve our chances of recovery and increase our immunity.  It will help a lot if we can pay attention to these and take action to:

  • boost our immune system
  • become more conscious of what we are eating (70-80% of immunity is in our intestines)
  • strengthen our lung capacity with good breathing exercises
  • have a good hygiene and cleanliness standard
  • manage our thoughts and constantly thinking positive thoughts
  • practice gratitude for all the good things we have in our life
  • live from a place of love, peace, kindness and compassion
  • do good karma at every opportunity
Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay


I say that there are certain emotions that get us to a place called “nowhere” (which is really somewhere not great).  I think that we all seem to be heading in that direction at the moment, unless we start to apply the brakes on our mind.  These fearful thoughts get us there (nowhere!) slowly, by the time we realize what is happening, so much precious time and energy has been wasted!

Happiness boosts the immune system.

Emotions such as fear and worry and anger have a significant negative impact on our lives.  They should be abandoned.  They are simply time wasters and deplete our energy.  Remember the song: “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!”  Do we question why happiness is more superior to worrying?  Because happiness is our natural state.  Worrying is not!  Because happiness boosts the immune system.  Happiness excites the will to live, to endure, to fight and happiness makes us win!

When someone is trying to bully us, just stay happy.  Yes, they might think we are crazy, but they will also realize they have no power over us if we stop giving them the power!  By being scared, by crying, or getting upset and sulking, in other words by becoming what the other party wants us to become, that is upset, then we become powerless.  There is a safe place to demonstrate emotions, whereby we don’t deny what we feel, but we can still feel empowered by acknowledging that grief – there is a way to do so.

When we are in fear, we release the stress hormones and these lower the immunity in our body.  And we actually start to make ourselves sick.  There is just too much proof of all this now.  Even science backs this up.  When we are fearful we are not in clarity, we become confused and cannot make clear decisions, and hence we make mistakes.  Where we then need more time and energy to fix issues.

Image by Diggeo from Pixabay

The power is in our hands to create the outcome that we so choose.

Change the Diet of Your Thoughts
So, we need to be more in trust, more in happiness, more at peace with what is happening around us.  There is a reason to everything that is happening.  Be patient. The script will reveal itself.

Let us change the diet of our thoughts.  We need to change the narrative.  The power is in our hands to create the outcome that we so choose.  Let us not be driven like a flock of sheep.  Many people have taken their health in their own hands and are already knowledgeable about alternative therapies.  About supplementing their bodies with naturopathy, homeopathy or ayurvedic remedies.  If we stop, we can listen to our bodies, it will tell us that we are eating too much.  Or too much fried or sweet foods.  Then the next step is to have the will and enough self-respect to heed that message.

We should definitely not have a TV in the house as that becomes the means for the virus to flood into the room of our mind, conditions our thinking, and infuses fear in everyone who sits in front of it.  Of course now we have the access to so much in the computer.  We need to be very discerning about what we watch.  All the technologies are great, but they need to be used in moderation and we should hold the remote in our hand and not hand it over to them.  Plus, my final point, we should definitely not believe everything we hear or see.  Just because it’s on TV or in the media, it does not make it the TRUTH.  Do your own research.  Keep your eyes and ears open, and watch the flow of the drama around you.  You will be guided.  Trust your intuition.

Time changes but truth does not.

The Truth Will Always Find A Way
The truth always finds a way to reveal itself.  Just as light cannot remain hidden no matter how many walls you put up or curtains you close, there will always be a shimmer of light coming through the subtle cracks.  Truth touches the heart.  Truth is obvious and truth is natural and eternal.  When the flowers are real, we accept that they will wilt and wither away.  What is constant?  What is normal?  Time changes but truth does not.

Most importantly find time to meditate and bring inner calm into your being.  That is all it takes to handle oneself and the situation.  I believe if the whole world meditated and prayed from the heart, then the vibration on this planet would be so different.  We could raise the frequency on our planet by raising our consciousness and the level of our vibrations.

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

By the time we will come out of this ‘involuntary’ retreat, we will have conditioned many of our actions.  They say it takes just 21 days to condition ourselves (in any direction). For some it will be difficult to go back to old ways of being and behaving, of pushing the self and fighting the struggles.  For others, perhaps they will have found their deeper purpose in life.  Many have been silently inventive and creative and we will see a splurge of new creations and inventions emerge through all this.  Birth always takes place silently and quietly.  No one may see ‘it’, until it comes of age.  But I do believe the old will begin to make way for the new.  Truly, we are witnessing a paradigm shift.

We have to be mindful of the ingredients
that we are  putting in our life today, because we will  be creating
our future of tomorrow.

Now all that is left for us to do is to share love and live from kindness.  Be kind to others.  Don’t become paranoid about coming close to others when all this is over, trust your immunity and good karma is enough to protect you.  Continue to plant the seeds of good deeds.  And as we do that, we will begin to create the reality of our choosing.   We have to be mindful of the ingredients that we are putting in our life today, because we will be creating our future of tomorrow.  The question is:  Will we be happy with what has been planted?

It’s Time… to create a narrative based on love, peace, compassion and happiness.  Let us begin not today, but now.


© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK



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