Inner Power is the Need of the Hour

Inner Power is the Need of the Hour

Serenity Prayer

“God grant me the Serenity and to Accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;  and the Wisdom to know the difference.”

Very often we want to make grand changes in our life, so that our lives can become happier and more fulfilling.  We believe working hard and increasing ‘da dough’ in the bank account will make us more secure.  Or getting that plastic surgery will make us more desirable!  Perhaps, moving away from difficult relationships will get us that sweet peace of mind.  But is that always really the solution?

Very often, from my experience, it is not the physical changes in life so much as the non-physical changes, the change in our state of mind that matters most.  Is the solution really to make more money or to learn to live with less; manage with less; or be content with less?  Of course, if money comes, we will not say ‘No’ to it! But it should be seen as a bonus, not the end result.  The way to deal with our feelings of poverty is not by cramming in more hours at work.  But by making time to feel the inner security that comes from a peaceful state of mind, and this is where meditation can really help.

…we know, we only carry our own ‘baggage’
with us everywhere we go!! 

The way to accept my outer beauty – weight, shape, size, colour, complexion, features, and so on, is to work on our inner beauty through meditation and taking time for quiet inner reflection. The way to deal with people is not to move away from them, because as we know, we only carry our own ‘baggage’ with us everywhere we go!!  But if we accumulate more inner strength and power in the soul, then we will find that we have power to tolerate and our capacity for patience will increase.  We will find that we can be more loving and accepting, not only of others but also of ourselves!!

The key for this is to charge up our inner spiritual powers.  We know that if there is a problem, then there has to be a solution for it too.  Just as every lock is made with a key, in the same way, the solution to all our problems is to become greater than the problem itself.  And the only way is to develop more inner power is through meditation and going to that deep silence space within!

Spiritual power is amazing!  When at times you don’t know how to deal with something, just sit quietly and talk to yourself in a loving way and connect with God.  Then somehow, from somewhere you will find that inner strength and be able to tap into your inner reserves to deal with the situation.  You will find that you acquire a greater power of insight and will be able to see a solution.  Remember that a calm mind brings with it the gift of a clear view.

…there is no challenge for which we do not have
the resources and inner strength to deal with it.

As we become stronger and progress on our journey of life then those challenges in life become equal to our strength.  Not greater, but equal.  This is really good to know, that there is no challenge for which we do not have the resources and inner strength to deal with it.  But the problem comes when we do not face the challenges in life, then we lose our valuable inner resources in fear and anxiety, this of course will make us weak.  Then the hurdles in life will seem bigger than they actually are, and confusion will cloud our mind and we can no longer see things clearly.

Just as to an athlete – exercise feels painless.  To a giant hulky person -lifting heavy boxes feels like a piece of cake.  To a cook – cooking feels easy and stress-free.  If we are to manage life’s challenges we will have to up our game and develop and work-out those spiritual muscles of the mind.  Then it becomes fun to play in the game of life.

The way to build those inner muscles is to exercise the soul’s inner powers – DAILY.  Take the power of tolerance for example.  It doesn’t come by me just saying to myself:  “Be tolerant! Be tolerant!  Be tolerant!”  I actually have to observe, acknowledge, accept, shut up, not react, be mindful, be kind, be caring, create positive and well-wishing thoughts consciously… in other words there are some exercises I need to do in order for the power to actually develop and work.

Some have a thing with ticking clocks and wherever possible they remove the battery, or remove the clock, wherever they are sitting or staying!!  They tell me, “Why should the mind be drawn to the ticking away of time?”  It comes from the belief that if one is in a silent room, or wants silent time: “Then why to have the excess noise pollution?” Understandable.

We can control the ticking of the clock, but we cannot control the ticking noise of someone as easily.

Yet, what if the ticking clock represented life? I know that sometimes we would like to remove the batteries out of some people so that we can shut them up!  But it is not as easy as taking the battery out of a clock. We can control the ticking of the clock, but we cannot control the ticking noise of someone as easily.

Maybe a nice idea to entertain our mind, but uhmmm sorry, not possible. Which is why the development of our inner powers is extremely important. But, for this we need to change our focus: To manage the ticking in OUR OWN MIND?  That is where our power lies.

There is hope however! When you don’t know how to talk to your partner about something difficult and annoying, then emerge love and compassion in your heart.  This can mean not to create a ‘you and me’ attitude, but to create a ‘we’ attitude, and then ‘we’ will tackle this problem together – ‘we’ can both work together.

When you don’t know how to deal with all that teenage chaos in your life, emerge greater patience, stay calm and cool, and listen first before reacting.  When you speak to your boss, emerge greater self-respect.  Respect yourself whilst respecting him or her.

Flexing those inner muscles can mean that we need to:

  •  Learn to flow, not to get stuck in but to move on and through, and to let go of past situations, people or issues. Now is the time to embrace the beauty of the present moment.
  • Detach emotionally. It doesn’t matter in the end.  What matters most is our peace and happiness and so to hold onto that at any cost.
  • Use our natural wisdom. To keep good and positive thoughts and feelings for people, situations and themselves. They will not let sorrow or the past occupy space in their mind and heart.
  • Look at the bigger picture, through this we understand that every soul is on their own unique journey. Yes, from the outside of the personal drama of their life, we can always see where a little tweaking could improve them!!  But remember, they too are thinking the same about us!!  “If only you could change a little…”

Acceptance, courage and wisdom really are foundational powers to create a life of serenity and peace. Our real powers are already sitting there deep within us.  We just have to take the time to look within…

It’s Time…  to not only find our inner powers, but to also keep them ticking in the best way possible!


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  • Suresh Tulsiani

    Om Shanti Sister – I find your Blog and the knowledge you impart truly inspirational and invaluable. God Bless


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