Fly with the Wings of Zeal and Enthusiasm

Fly with the Wings of Zeal and Enthusiasm

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There is a spiritual wisdom that says; instead of wasting time trying to break down an obstacle, just fly over it!

Sometimes we spend a lot of time and energy trying to break down the ‘boulders’ and ‘rocks’ in our lives, when in fact, all we may need to do is simply to move around them, go beyond them, or take ourselves above them. Perhaps we just need to shift our mindset, shift our perspective, and what seemed like a mountain might turn out to be a molehill after all. In this way we can more easily ‘fly’ over the problem.

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When we have the mindset that something is a problem, we lose energy and hope. When we generate a feeling of enthusiasm for something, then we easily drive away negative and disempowering thoughts and whatever needs to happen, can happen naturally and easily.

To paraphrase the famous saying of Einstein, you cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness as it was created. In the same consciousness, we are often stuck with the one thought, ‘this is a problem’, and therefore the solution is far away. With a different mindset and with zeal and enthusiasm we can see a situation not as a problem, but a challenge to be overcome, or even a game. The solution will come much more easily if we remain open and ready for it.

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To fly does not mean to suddenly grow wings and to fly! No, sorry to disappoint you!  The wings are symbolic of the zeal and enthusiasm that emerges in the soul once it knows what it needs to do.  These energies act as, lets say, a force with which one takes off! Flies with it, as we say, and makes things happen – like Superman!

Zeal and enthusiasm are qualities that naturally belong to us, they are within the spirit, and they just need to be ignited from time to time.  Much like the muscles in the body, they need to be exercised in order to be toned and shaped.

Charles Schwabb, an American Industrialist who rose from a background of poverty and later formed the US Steel Corporation, said: ‘You can succeed at almost anything for which you have unlimited enthusiasm.’

Enthusiasm is a combination of two Greek words – ‘en’ and ‘theos’, which when put together means ‘in God’.  When we are rooted in connection with God or the goodness of God, the positive and divine, it is easy to have enthusiasm.


When we are too caught up in the details of something, we can get bogged down and lose our enthusiasm.  Our vision can get stuck and stagnant.  We can even get depressed and too fixated on that one thing that sucks away our energy.  In management too, if we get too focused on one area or one aspect of a task, we can lose the whole plot.

On the other hand when we drive on the road and are focused ahead, it is important that we keep an eye on what’s going on around us at the same time. Peripheral vision is needed to get the ‘big’ picture. It is always good to stay slightly detached from whatever is in front of us so that we can see the whole thing. We get a bigger and broader outlook.

We often dream of flying. And as children we would put on makeshift wings and jump off walls and tables!  Who doesn’t love to fly, whether it’s in a plane, gliding, or parasailing.  Flying gives a feeling of freedom, of happiness and joy. A feeling of being on vacation. A feeling of not having to work hard, but of being taken somewhere easily and effortlessly.

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Likewise, when we raise our level of consciousness, we raise our zeal and enthusiasm, then life becomes much easier. We stay happy and light. We are above ‘problems’ in our world, instead we are playing the game of life. And games are fun!

It’s Time… to fly! Rise above all obstacles and see the bigger picture.


© ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK


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Nice one …!!

Bk Vaibhav

Nice one…yes m flying with the Zeal and Enthusiasm ??