Finding Inner Peace

Finding Inner Peace

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“Remind yourself of your inner peace, and you will
have greater capacity to find solutions.”

Dadi Janki

So many of us are looking for peace.  Peace is not just the absence of sound, but that true elixir of contentment that satisfies the soul.  You can achieve this peace with the practice of Raja Yoga Meditation, but as with all things nothing comes easily.  There is a little sweat and elbow grease that we need to apply to our life to gets things started, and then some fine tuning and maintenance to keep the spiritual wheels moving along.

There are so many clichés that we hear about peace.  Yet these are only valid if our attitude and perceptions are tuned into that state of mind, then that will help us to remain peaceful.  To some degree that requires vigilance on our part, to be aware of those triggers that we all have, this means that our inner peace can be lost if we become careless.  It can be a split-second’s mis-judgement, and the result of that choice trips us into anger where we will see our inner peace depleted.  When we own something of value we want to protect it, in the same way we have to create an attitude that sees inner peace as valuable.

“Do not let the behaviour of others
destroy your inner peace.”

Dalai Lama

Image by John_Nature_Photos from Pixabay

However, here are some principles of life that can help us to find that inner peace we are so desperately looking for.

Remembering who I am
By simply remembering that I am a peaceful soul, I become more at peace.  This is not something I need to become because I am already peaceful at my spiritual core, peace is my original nature.  As I remember my peace, all the inner peaceful atoms and molecules begin to wake up and start to dance.  Peace particles begin to envelope my whole being and I am soothed by an inner calmness.

Even those scientists who are spiritually awake today are aware of how the mind-body connection works, and that at a cellular level our cells are listening and they feel and respond to whatever we are vibrating and transmitting.  The cells can feel that energy and they react accordingly, either working in harmony with us and good health, or dissonance and disease.  Quite literally there is a dance going on within all of us and some notes are more in tune than others!

“A calm mind is not just peaceful.  It is focused.
Self-directing and Divine.”

Dadi Janki

The Drama of Life is… Perfect
The life choices we make and the events and people that revolve around us are what we call ‘The Drama.’  Yes, some of us create a larger drama in life by over-reacting to events; panicking or getting very emotional.  Yet it is all one big drama… and as in a theatrical sense, this drama has a script and a stage and we are all the players on the world stage of life.  But the most important point of all is that the drama is perfect.  God would not create a drama that was imperfect.  Even when something feels “wrong”, and we do not fully understand how the mechanism of the drama works, yet still it is part of the perfect drama.  So, it has to be perfect…

When we can begin to accept that everything ‘just is…’ there is a deep sense of inner peace.  Of course that does not mean we simply sit back and become a spectator of the drama, quite the contrary.  We pluck up our courage and gusto and become the hero actor that we are meant to be in our own life.  By the way, the word ‘hero’ means diamond in Hindi, so it’s not really about the position as much as it is about becoming a rare and special jewel who shines brightly.

“The only thing we need to do is remember: I am a soul
and the Game of Life is playing itself out.”

Dadi Janki

Understanding Karma
Karma is a universal philosophy.  The law of cause and effect, Newton’s third law of thermodynamics and the law of sowing and reaping.  Every faith tradition talks about this and we have a conviction that this law exists, yet once we are out of the church, mosque or temple we tend to comfortably forget all about it.  Or we believe it applies to someone else and not us.

Understanding karma can also bring us a deep sense of inner peace.  Especially in moments of injustice, betrayal, unfairness or perfidy.  Even if we lost the battle of words, not all has been lost… because we may have won the battle of karma.  No one escapes their karma…  even if on the surface it appears that they do!  Just this fact alone brings an inner calm to the soul.  Therefore, we do not need to be the judge or pass judgement, and nor do we wish ill to the opponent. But just knowing that everyone reaps what they sow means we can be at peace, everyone will get their own justice.  There is no ill feeling or malevolent wish towards others, because we are mature enough to know that we also will reap what we sow.  So, we tread carefully.

Sometimes the law of karma is understood as the law of attraction.  If we are putting out negative and peaceless thoughts… what do you think will echo back to us?  Only negative and peaceless vibes, exaggerated and expanded as they gather momentum on the rebound.  Hence, if we want to be at peace and at one with ourselves, then we need to emit only that which we want returned back to us.  So let us begin with this simple lesson: Let everyone of us only send out what we want to boomerang back to us.

“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is,
rather than as you think it should be.”

Wayne W. Dyer

God has a Plan
Apart from the drama being perfect, God also has a plan and His/Her plan must have been well designed.  Do you not think?  In life things happen for a reason, but we are unaware of the details and the reason behind those ‘happenings’.  Blessings come disguised as a broken leg or bankruptcy, only so that we can exit our comfort zones and see a larger and more beneficial picture.  If we do not shift ourselves, even after seeing the signals presenting themselves to us that it’s time to change, then in the end, some big shift will shift us.

Trusting God is a good tip to remain stable in our inner peace.  Love begets love.  Remember the Supreme Divine and you will be in the thoughts of the Supreme Divine too, because of the magnetic pull and attraction of love.

Perhaps we need to trust more in these spiritual principles, because they work whether we are conscious of them or not.  The sign of a wise soul would be someone who chooses to work with the spiritual laws and God, rather than against them.

“It’s not necessary to search for peace.  It is within.
Your original state is one of peace.”

Dadi Janki

It’s Time… to start experiencing that inner peace right here and right now, cos it’s absolutely right there… inside of you.


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