Connecting with the Supreme Being (Part of the ‘Let’s Meditate’ series)

Connecting with the Supreme Being
(Part of the ‘Let’s Meditate’ series)

Supreme point of light

The first meaning of Raja Yoga is to be a master of the self, ‘Raj’ meaning ‘King’ or ‘the highest’ and ‘Yoga’ meaning ‘union’. Today we look at the second meaning, which means to connect with the Highest Being.

Before the atheists in the cyber room ask the question whether it’s possible to meditate without connecting to God, let me say it certainly is. And you may continue as you have been doing.   However… when we connect with the higher source of all powers and virtues then the soul can fill itself with all that it is lacking. Just meditating on my own and with my own thoughts can become boring over time… but with God, the Almighty and His world to explore, meditation takes on a whole new dimension.

It goes without saying that there are many differing ideas about God. Some believe He is an old bearded man in the clouds just waiting for us to do something wrong so that He can strike us with his stick! Others believe He is the source of all that is good and kind. Yet others say that He is unknowable. But whatever is your understanding, the important point is that we need that connection with the Supreme Being, we owe it to ourselves. We are orphans without it. We are lost without it.

If I believe I am a soul, then it holds true that God, the one who created us, is also a soul… the most supreme of all, since His force is much mightier than ours put together.

Some speak of God as the Mother and Father. This may be a stretch for some… until we realize that we are not comparing Him to a physical mother or father. As the Supreme Soul, God does not have any gender! But He is the One who created us, and the One who sustains us. From Him we receive an inheritance of Peace, Love, Happiness, Truth, etc., and from ‘Her’ we receive unconditional love. What we experience are the subtle qualities of these relationships. Because the Supreme is unlimited, He is the Ocean of all qualities and all powers. So everything we need we can obtain from Him, and only Him!

The more ‘Soul Conscious’ we become, that is, the more we can bring the awareness of our true original nature of the self into our everyday life, then the more we can deepen that connection with the Supreme and feel His presence and power. Soul consciousness is the key that opens the door to a deep and powerful connection. In the awareness of the higher self, we are much more able to tune into His frequency. For as long as we stay stuck in the material world and material body, we are only able to receive a fraction of what He is giving. This is because our body conscious thoughts are of a much lower frequency, a lower vibration. When we remove the blockages of body conscious thoughts, then God’s energy can flow into us, cleaning the soul and bringing us back to a state of peace and purity once again.

Where does God live? God’s home would surely be our original home – where we came from. God’s home is a world of light. It is a place far, far away from this world of physical matter, and yet at the same time it is simply a thought away.

So in Raja Yoga meditation, there are three main components: Soul Consciousness, God Consciousness, and awareness of the Home of Light.

…I move my intellect away from the world of sound and matter…

…I become aware that I am not just this body, but I am an unlimited being of light, a soul…

…I use the power of my thoughts to take me to my home, the world of light, and there I feel the presence and power of the Supreme…

…Here in my home of light I feel myself nurtured by the rays of God’s love, light and power. God has a special ray of light for each one of us.

…After some time I return to the awareness of this body… but I am changed. I am light, I am peaceful, I am filled with power…

It may sound too simple to be true, but if we need proof of the effects of this mediation, it is evidenced by how much we change in our everyday lives. We automatically become more peaceful, patient, loving, pure, truthful, joyful, fearless, self-confident, etc., in short, our lives transform. Who can do this? Only God!

It’s time… To remember who you are… to forge that connection with the Supreme Being… and to fill the self with His light and love.

Share these thoughts! ‘It’s Time…’ is spreading far and wide! Feel free to forward this wisdom, but to avoid any karmic rebound, please acknowledge its source – ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London 


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4 Responses to “Connecting with the Supreme Being (Part of the ‘Let’s Meditate’ series)”

  • Muktesh k Bimal

    Do u believe in God or is it Supernatural energies ..Powers believed by different religions

    • Dear Muktesh,

      Yes I very much believe in God! He is my friend and close ally.
      He is a super energy, a supreme soul, a point (bind) and an ocean (sindhu) at the same time.
      Om Shanti


    I connect to Supreme soul everyday but not regular intervals. I want to remember him all the time but it couldn’t possible, need your advice please

    • Hello Rajendarji
      Thank you for writing.

      In the beginning it takes time, but once you get in the practice of creating positive and powerful thoughts, then it becomes easier. Know what your needs are and then build a relationship with the Supreme being.

      Om shanti


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