Before I Die…

Before I Die…

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We all have to die one day! And whereas death is not the end of our journey, and nor do I believe that it is something to be feared, yet it might be a good idea to give it some consideration.

We all feel we are gonna be around here til we are a hundred. Yet with lots of sudden deaths around me this year, I sometimes wonder if it may be my turn soon! I wonder if those who left managed to complete their work before they left.

So what are the things you want to accomplish before you leave this physical existence? And are you on track to achieve as much as possible before the time comes? It’s good to first take a look at:

How you spend your day. What are the everyday patterns you have set in place? Are they joyfully working for you? Or are you caught up in a mundane existence? Do you feel obligated to do things you don’t really want to?

How do you spend your holidays. Are you really experiencing a sense of freedom, joy and pleasure, or is it just lots of planning and navigating and organising?

Also :

How do you define ‘quality time’?

Would you say you have quality relationships?

Are you having enough fun, laughter and humour?

Is there a clear difference in your life between work and play?

Is there a good balance of things in your life where you feel relaxed, contented, AND enthusiastic and motivated?

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If things are not looking so bright in your life, then start to introduce new things into your life, one at a time. Once you begin, you will develop confidence and want to do more. It’s even a big step to realise that indeed there is an imbalance and perhaps I could be living a fuller and more fulfilled life.

Many people who have had near death experiences seem to comment that, when faced with the possibility of leaving, their biggest regret was that they didn’t live their life to the full. When they return to this world with a second chance, they often want to change themselves to create a life of meaning. They want to make a difference in the world. They want to get on and create genuine loving respectful relationships, and not waste time in petty misunderstandings and conflicts. So it’s good to take heed of these experienced souls so that we don’t make the same mistake!

Another thing to comment here is don’t wait for the right time to come along. The time is NOW. If you have had a thought or an inspiration, just strike while the iron of enthusiasm is hot! Some even postpone their dreams while they are waiting for their children to grow up, or until a time when the bank balance is fatter, or when they retire from work. But no! Make room now in your life, as it may be ‘now or never’!

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Let us not procrastinate our joy. There is little pleasure in living a humdrum life. Life was meant to be lived well, in happiness, ease and comfort. It is we who make life difficult for ourselves by adding all the other stresses of laboring hard, pleasing others or doing things to show off.

Remember the motto of Mahatma Ghandi: ‘Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever’.

It’s Time…. to live life, and live it now!



© ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK




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5 Responses to “Before I Die…”

  • james milne

    Hi Aruna, when I had my near death experience I actually wanted to go to the other side I was all set,
    until they sent me back which was horrendous, when I was there everything was light and very pleasing to the eye I so wanted to go haha, when i came back to earth I just felt this horrible heavy feeling, I even said to the wife oh you are still here that was when I realised I had been rejected so to speak lol, I like to laugh about it,

  • Amazing article!
    Each day should be lived as if there is no tomorrow.Our minds should be free from all kinds of unnecessary thoughts.


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