Be Blessed

Be Blessed

This week, I would like you to pick a number from 1-30 and by doing that you will read to yourself the blessing which corresponds to that number.   Really feel it.  It has come to you freely.  It has come to you timely.  It is a reminder of who you already are.   Blessings are not something we should have to work towards… blessings are exactly that… blessings.   They remind us of why we are here.  Blessings help us to oil the wheels of our life.

Enjoy the practice…

  1. You light up the darkness with your light
  2. You are the diamond who sparkles with joy
  3. You are the star creating the beauty of tomorrow
  4. You are the star of success
  5. You give vibrations of light and might to every soul
  6. You are content and blissful
  7. Your inner light shines and lights up the lights of others souls
  8. You are a merciful soul who transforms souls with your good wishes and pure feelings
  9. You are a victorious soul – victory is your birthright
  10. The light of happiness is with you as your birthright
  11. You are a great soul who is the image of support for the whole world
  12. You are blessed in all ways
  13. You have a big heart, one with an attitude of giving and always generous
  14. You are one with a clean and clear intellect
  15. You are always under God’s canopy of protection
  16. You are as beautiful and detached as the beautiful lotus flower
  17. Love easily enables you to experience God’s hand of protection over you
  18. You are the one who constantly gives not the one who takes
  19. You are the master bestower of happiness who bestows happiness upon every soul
  20. You are one who gives all the burdens to God and makes yourself light
  21. You are a spiritual lighthouse – always spreading light to the world
  22. Bliss radiates from your inner peaceful being
  23. You are a holy swan who picks only the virtues from others
  24. You are not alone, the Mighty Flame is always with you
  25. You are the royal star creating the beauty of tomorrow
  26. You are a diamond reflecting the light of all your divine virtues
  27. Your divine vision works like magic
  28. You are tireless and have a nature which is as light as a feather
  29. Together with having the ‘crown’ of responsibility, you constantly have the ‘crown’ of lightness
  30. Your deep serenity and wisdom brings strength and hope to everyone you meet

Om Shanti



© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK


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