Awakening Inner Power and Potential

Awakening Inner Power and Potential

During the period of the Renaissance, (from 14th to 17th century) individuals with a medieval way of thinking were left behind. Now in today’s Information and Communication Age, ‘medieval’ thinkers are threatened with extinction!  Now is the time when we are moving into yet another new paradigm, from information to knowledge, and further, into the realm of personal experience.

The golden age of technology that we are currently passing through has placed at our finger tips the ability to glean information from anywhere in the world at any given time.  We can find out how to assemble a car, predict weather storms, find recipes for baking a cake, learn about amoebas and genetics and even track people through GPS.  In fact there is even a ‘Do it Yourself’ guide to human enlightenment!

But there is a danger with all of this. When we are caught up in a web of information and activity overload, we cannot find our personal truth, or the time to live it.  We have lost sight of our inner power as we strive for the material and the intellectual.

What is Inner power? How do we reconnect with it and develop it?
How do we identify and uncover hidden potential?
What is our Inner power and potential calling us to do at this time?


These are some of the questions that this important conference ‘Awakening Inner Power and Potential’ will be exploring on 3rd and 4th of February 2018, in Kuwait.

As the world becomes an increasingly challenging place to live in we need to find new insights and new tools to manage ourselves and the world around us. We need once again to take control and become masters and leaders of our own lives.

This event is an opportunity to equip yourself with new skills, tools and ideas to shift your life to the next level at home, in your workplace and in your relationships.  Refresh your outlook, revitalise your thinking and recharge your inner resources.

This conference aims to help you to awaken, connect with, and nurture your own inner power and potential through the processes of presentations, dialogue and self-reflection. It will be led by individuals from a variety of backgrounds who themselves have been on a journey of exploration for many years.


Nizar Juma: Leading Industrialist and chairman of over 50 companies and past Chairman with Aga Khan Development Network boards on social welfare activities

Judy Rogers: Communications Strategist working with world-renowned thought leaders in Business, Education and Media, and founding director of two world-change initiatives.

Jayanti Kirpalani: Peace Emissary, acclaimed spiritual teacher, broadcaster, author of several books and an international speaker on a wide range of pertinent topics

Mike George: Executive Development Coach working in over 30 countries, and author of 14 self-development books, translated into 15 languages

Michelle Pfeiffer: A gifted artist who for the past 25+ years has used art and creativity as a way to help people discover their unique creative expression and hidden potential.

David Kilowsky: A talented and self-taught artist and musician with over 50 unusual and diverse instruments.

The Conference is being organized by Harmony House, a non-profit, values-based organization which has served the people of Kuwait for the last 16 years, teaching self-development classes, courses and offering local and international retreats.  Harmony House helps individuals to uncover their inner power and potential and to develop their innate values and find their self-worth.

If you are in the region, then this is an opportunity that you cannot miss!

For more information or to register:
Tel: +965-99343160



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