Choosing Pity or Mercy?

Choosing Pity or Mercy?


Image by Simon Steinberger from Pixabay

“All people commit sins and make mistakes.
God forgives them, and people are acting in a
godlike (divine) way when they forgive.”

Alexander Pope (poet, writer, translator)


What is the difference between pity and mercy? I get asked this question quite often.  People ask: Are they not the same thing?  Well, my dears… No they are not.

Our human nature evokes feelings for others, especially when we see things are not quite right.  These feelings simply emerge. It is important that we fine tune both our thoughts and feelings, especially now that we are becoming more and more aware. We want to emit the right vibe so that the person gets to feel our truest intentions.

To be merciful is divine, whilst, being pitiful is simply being human.  Have you noticed God always has mercy upon us and not pity for our difficulties in life?  Mercy comes from the heart, with love and compassion.  Pity and feeling sorry for someone is based more on the head, somehow the feelings do not reach the heart in the same way.

If someone is having pity for us it’s not such a great feeling.  They may feel sad for us.  They give us the message that we are weak, they may even show sympathy towards us, but they too then begin to suffer with us.  Now there are two of us that need to be rescued.

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Someone who has mercy on the other hand empowers and understands.  Mercy uplifts and inspires.  The one who is expressing mercy is powerful and the one receiving it becomes powerful also.  Because this mercy is an uplifting energy, like a flame that re-ignites the dying candle; that shared light with the other person ignites faith and awakens respect.

You could say it is those who have pity that are holding a body conscious vision, while the humble one has mercy and a soul conscious vision.  The one with soul conscious vision has hope in us and sees our hidden strengths.  They see beyond our weaknesses.

Someone with an arrogant vision is focusing on failure, whilst humility focuses on possibilities.  When we look down at another person we see them as pitiful, but when we have mercy we rise together and we put out a hand to help another soul.

Image by iris Vallejo from Pixabay


The other most important difference between the two is that when we are pitying another soul and feeling sorry for someone, we tend to be very emotional.  But when we are merciful we are more stable and uninfluenced.  We do not allow ourselves to get entangled in someone else’s drama.  In pity we can also lose our own power, but in mercy we find our inner strength and power, therefore we are able to help and enable other souls too.

Mercy comes from the heart; natural and flowing, whilst pity comes from the head; it seems to be more analytical and calculated.  Mercy is benevolence in action; we express positive feelings of kindness and care that are authentic and sincere.  Love, mercy and compassion come from the higher end of the scale of energy frequencies.  These qualities are positive and uplifting, rather than being in pity for the self, or feeling sorry for others, which definitely comes from the lower energy range.

It’s Time… to have mercy and compassion and to create a higher vibratory frequency.


“Only a powerful soul can offer love.
Only a powerful soul can afford to be humble.”

Dadi Janki (Spiritual Leader)


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