10 Spiritual Lessons from Your Smart Phone

10 Spiritual Lessons from Your Smart Phone


1 Switch off your phone at night
It is advisable to shut down your cell phone at night to avoid unnecessary radiation.

In the same way, we need to switch off from everything in our mind at night and go to sleep peacefully without the buzzing and pinging of random thoughts intruding into our minds.  Just as we give the cell phone a break, so we also need to rest the brain and enjoy some downtime so that we can be properly functioning the next day.

2 Keep the phone on silent in meetings
In accordance with cell phone etiquette, keep you phone switched to silent mode in meetings.  

The same applies to our personal conversations.  Silence the ego and the chattering mind for a moment and focus on the person in front.  Do not be distracted by other things.  Giving someone your ear, and your full attention, will go a long way towards getting the outcomes you both want.

3 Be selective about the photos you take
Exercise restraint when taking pictures or videos, as otherwise, much time will need to be spent searching and deleting.

In the same manner, it would be wise to take on board only those experiences we would like to record within the soul.  Too many impressions and imprints mindlessly registered can overload memory capacity. Plus, holding on to unnecessary data can cause pain and distress at a later date. Knowing how to discriminate is the key. Also, remember that being ‘in the moment’ (rather than communing with your cell phone) is the way to create happy and ever-lasting memories, which are recorded in the soul and are available for viewing at any time.

4 As much as possible, keep the cellphone at a safe distance from your body
Doctors advise that keeping a cellphone in your pocket, or wearing it close to your body can be detrimental to your health.

In life too, it is extremely important to have space in relationships and not ‘wear’ them around your neck. Attachment, possessiveness and jealousy are often the worst culprits at spoiling good relationships. Sometimes, keeping a healthy distance, even in a close relationship, can help to avoid unnecessary risks.

5 When using a cellphone in the vicinity of others, do not speak too loudly.
It is not considered good manners to talk loudly in public places when on the phone.

In the same way, if we practice restraint and quiet in our life we are respecting our space, and that of everyone else.  Not everyone needs to hear our stories, complaints and tales of woe. Sometimes we give away too much so best to BE QUIET.

6 Set Reminders
Setting reminders is an effective way of assisting the user to keep on track during the day.

Likewise, we can set spiritual alerts in our mind for our peace of mind.  Pay attention to stop for one minute every hour to check the quality of your thoughts. Shut down the negative and activate the positive. In this way your days, weeks and even your life will run much more smoothly.

7 Installing useful Apps will extend your capabilities
Some applications that we recommend are Peace, Happiness, Kindness, Respect and Wisdom.

These can be kept running in the background at all times and will considerably improve your life experience and capacity to manage your life.

8 For optimal functioning, recharge regularly
Daily plugging into the power source is absolutely necessary if you wish to avoid low energy. 

The battery of the soul requires revitalizing at regular intervals, and we recommended that YOUR device is connected constantly to the Supreme Power Source.

9 For easy access to your information, manage your storage effectively
Create a place for everything and put everything in its place, and you will find your information easily. 

In life also, to avoid wasting time and energy, we must sort out, deal with, and file away our problems, fears, cautions etc. appropriately. This will ensure we do not look into the wrong folder for the right thing or the right folder and find the wrong thing stored there. And avoid certain folders altogether.

10 Don’t make the cell phone your world
The phone may bring the world to you, but is not a substitute for real life.

Used wisely the cellphone is a great asset and an almost indispensible device in the world today. Used recklessly it can fry your brain and seriously damage human relationships, regardless of how smart it is, or how many contacts you have on What’s App. We suggest that rather than using every spare moment to scroll through ‘facebook’, turn to the face next to you and have a real conversation.

And instead of making the phone your god, make God your friend. He’s waiting for your call, and His power is inexhaustible!

It’s Time… to become smarter than your smart phone.


© ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK




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Mani Goyal

Love your insights! Keep posting more please

BK Vaibhav

Nice one…Keep writing Sis !!