The Tiger–Maker – Indian Folklore

The Tiger-Maker

Once four brahmins (Indian priests) went all over India and amassed every kind of knowledge. They could not wait to discuss their skills with each other.

Soon, they met in a forest, and one of them found a bone. It happened to be a tiger’s thighbone. The brahmin who found it said, “I can create the whole skeleton of this animal,” and he did so. The second brahmin said, “I can give it skin, flesh, and blood,” and so he did. There in front of them stood a lifelike tiger, stripes and all.

The third brahmin said, “You know what I can do?  I know how to give it life.”

The fourth brahmin, who was not half as learned as the others, said, “Wait, don’t give it life. We believe you.”

But the third brahmin said, “ What’s the use of having the power to do something and not doing it? I’ve never been able to exercise this art of mine. I”m going to give life to this thing. Just watch.”

The fourth brahmin said, “If you insist. But please wait till I climb this tree.” And he quickly scampered up the nearest tree.

Then the third brahmin, with his mantras and magic skills, breathed life into the tiger. As soon as it came to life, it was hungry and looked around for something to eat. And it pounced on the three brahmins, who stood there huddled in terror, unable even to run away. It killed them all and devoured them at leisure, leaving only their bones on the forest floor.

Source: Indian Folklore



No amount of knowledge is sufficient if one is not sensitive enough to know when to apply it. Power is nothing without control. Using knowledge to simply show off can prove to be dangerous.





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