The Siesta – Indian Tale

The Siesta

A wise Goan fisherman was sleeping in a hammock tied to two ends of his boat at noon. A consultant from Mumbai visiting the city came and woke him up.  He asked, “Hey man, why are you sleeping, when you could be out fishing?” The fisherman said, “I had a good catch in the morning, my quota of earning money for the day is over.”

    The consultant advised him to go out fishing again, catch more fish, and make it a habit to work for longer hours. “With the additional money you make, you would be able to buy a bigger boat and then a fishing trawler. You could invest the money thus saved over a few years in good schemes.  Maybe even market the shares.” It was the best way to earn a steady income, the fisherman was told.

   The fisherman innocently asked the consultant, “And what I am supposed to do after earning all that big money and investing it wisely?”  “Then you could afford to relax, take it easy. Even take siestas in a hammock by the seaside,” came the reply. The fisherman retorted, “I was already doing that when you came around and disturbed my sleep. Why should I toil so much for what I already have?”

Source: Indian tale



Very too often we go chasing for things only to find that we come back to the same place we started.  It is good to be in the moment and to enjoy the peace and contentment of the NOW.




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