Seasons Greetings to All from It’s Time…

Dear Friends, Family and all ‘It’s Time…’ readers,

Seasons Greetings to you all,

To quote the famous movie, this year has ‘Gone With the Wind’. It only seems as if it were yesterday when we entered January 2013 with our stockings full of promises and resolutions. How many of them did we manage to fulfill? Or will we be making them again this year! For those who managed to succeed in fulfilling their pledges, then well done, bravo and mabrouk to you!

This year, ‘It’s Time…’ saw the printing of its first book: ‘It’s Time… for Relationships’. There were launches of the book in various cities around the UK, including London, in Kuwait, Bahrain, Morocco and Egypt. In fact the momentum continues, today I am in Cairo and there is to be a book signing in a local bookstore.

‘It’s Time…’ also launched new Apps for Android and Iphone and in the coming year, we hope to upload more videos of seminars, lectures and meditation commentaries. So download the latest app and you can have the company of ‘It’s Time…’ anywhere.

Upon popular request, we initiated a ‘Corporate Wellness’ series of articles that appealed to not only the corporates but also the ‘Boss’ at home!

It has not always been easy to produce an article a week as my schedule is very busy plus I have to dedicate a lot of thought and time into it. Yet the passion to delve deep into these subject matters is something that I not only enjoy doing but I also take a lot of benefit from. And I enjoy sharing my findings with others. Those who follow the articles regularly can perhaps sense how I am learning through the process.

I have cited previously that all the articles are based on my personal realizations and experiences and I write about what touches me most: The article ‘School of Hard Knocks’ certainly was a lesson that we have to keep learning and growing and passing the tests of life. ‘The Joy of a Raj Yogi Life’ and ‘I am a Diamond’ were articles about the sheer joy and appreciation of the spiritual life I have chosen to live. ‘Familiarity Breeds Contempt’ was a gentle reminder that when we cross certain boundaries in relationships it creates disrespect and conflict. ‘Be a Priority and not an Option’ was a lesson about maintaining self-respect. ‘Create the Right Vibe’ is something I am continually inspired to focus on!

I am very grateful to all ‘It’s Time…’ readers for their continual support. Thank you also for all your emails of support and appreciation as well as the feedback. Please continue to write to me as it is heartwarming to hear from you. And look out for the new book in the New Year – ‘It’s Time… for Change’.

As the year draws to a close, it’s good to look back with appreciation on what has been achieved, and to begin to create a vision of the future that we want for ourselves.

All the very best to each of you from the heart…
in the remembrance of the One above,

Aruna and the ‘It’s Time…’ Team

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Dear Aruna,

Thanks for the beautiful, inspiring and thoughtful articles. You are very precious and may God continue to place His hand upon you, extend your territory and keep you away from all evil always.

Much love and wishing you all the best for the season and a New Year filled with surprises and special blessings.

Love you tons