Respect Begets Respect

Respect Begets Respect

It’s so easy to give respect to those who are worthy of it in your eyes, but how about giving respect to those who don’t quite measure up! To give respect to all and not just those you like is the true meaning of giving respect.


Not being able to show respect says a lot more about us than it does about the one in front of us. Sometimes we believe we should only exercise this quality of respect towards those who have demonstrated that they are deserving of it. Yet, it is possible to have regard for all human beings, despite their actions in the moment. In fact, when we don’t give regard to all, we deprive ourselves. How so? Because, in spiritual terms, to give is to receive. Therefore, waiting for others to become deserving, or withholding our respect until we feel they are worthy, deprives us of feeling and exercising this quality which is in reality a valuable treasure.

Respect, as a by-product of love, is one of our innate qualities. So in truth, we should not really need to make effort to give it. Everybody is worthy of respect simply because they exist, because they are there in front of you. You may not approve of a person’s behavior, but do not condemn the soul. They are soul beings and our brothers.

It is when we don’t realise that we are beings of love, that we go seeking love, approval, or regard from others. We only need something when we feel empty. When we are in our self-respect that automatically attracts respect from others and also helps them to engender respect for themselves.

The opposite is true also. If we don’t have something, then how can we give it? We need self-respect in order to be able to give respect to others. Only when we have self-respect, can we even begin to think of giving anything to others.


When one has self-respect, then one need not compare or compete with another. That one can be assured that whatever is meant to come their way will do so, and in its right time. A person with self-respect understands that to compare is futile, and to compete is nonsensical.

By contrast, comparing and competing are both symptoms of a fragile, inflated ego, and ego and esteem are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Although some think they are the same, they are definitely not. Ego is always looking outward to what others are doing, wondering whether I am ‘better than…’, or ‘worse than…’ and always causes pain. Self esteem is about building our sense of self from the inside, and cannot bring pain.

Self-esteem is about self-love. When I really love myself, I will not cause harm to myself by becoming a traitor to my virtues. I will always take the side of virtue and face the enemy of the vices with insight and pure pride. In this way I will inevitably earn respect from others.

If we have love and respect for ourselves and when we can see our own beauty, only then can we see the beauty and specialties of others. Then it will be very easy to give respect and create harmony. Always remember that each one of us came onto the earth to share a particular quality with the world. So if you can’t see it, then look a little harder, for it will surely be there.

It’s Time… to stay in your self-respect and to exercise and multiply your quality of respect by giving it to another. In this way you will naturally earn respect from others. Remember respect begets respect.

© It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London




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Janine Tuya

Great site


Positive thinking leads to positive life, and negative thinking leads to negative life