Pregnant Pause

Pregnant Pause


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Expectant mothers often pay a lot of attention not to harm their baby in the womb. They give up smoking, avoid alcohol, and take precautions with their diet. But perhaps they are not so aware of another factor: their thoughts. The thoughts of the mother, whether positive or negative, will also affect the development of the baby emotionally and physically.

The education of the child doesn’t begin in kindergarten, but way before then in the mother’s womb. Together with the nutrients necessary for growth, the mother’s behavioural patterns are also transferred through the ‘umbilical cord’. The child is already under the influence of its mother’s energy.

A mother who has positive and powerful thoughts for the well being of her baby will produce a child that will be healthy and confident, whereas a mother who is depressed and caught up in her own worries will instill those fears in her child. If thoughts can affect our own physical body, as we know they can, then why would they not affect the developing foetus that is so tuned in to its mothers vibrations?

The developing child is eavesdropping on the silent conversations taking place within the mind of the mother. Expectant mothers often comment too that the baby in the womb is responding to their thoughts and words. So surely the conversation, the relationship, and therefore the nurturing between mother and child has already begun in the womb, way before they even meet face to face!

Pregnant young woman expecting baby with father on beach in tropical paradise.

Recently a 60 year old therapist was mentioning that she attributes her lifelong good health to the fact that her mother spoke to her kindly and wished her good health whilst she was still in the womb. This occurrence of mother/baby pre-birth relationship has been studied for over a century. It’s not new! Yet it is important that we pay attention to it, so that we continue to create generations of powerful, strong and balanced individuals.

It is easy to become pregnant, but do the parents realise the enormity of the responsibility they have towards the yet-to-be-born baby? Parenthood needs to be prepared for in many ways, but if we really want to do the best for our child, we should first prepare ourselves to be the embodiment of what we wish to see in the child. We only have ourselves to thank or to blame for our creation – for we created it first with our thoughts!

Pregnant woman loving her unborn baby

Some people have a child in order to try and repair a failing marriage. If this is the basis for a ‘new life’, it is not a very positive one! Imagine the huge burden it imposes on the child. The mother’s emotions and feelings will be scattered, and this is not a loving and caring atmosphere for the child to be gestated in.

So as the expectant mother takes a ‘pregnant pause’ to dream about the future of her new baby, she can understand that she has the power within, through her thoughts and intentions, to influence the child in a very positive and powerful way.



Here are some suggestions for expectant mothers:

-Stay calm as much as you can
-Be kind to yourself
-Stay positive – use only positive thoughts and positive language
-Avoid anger, stress or putting the self down
-Affirm the physical health and prosperous future of the child
-Speak to the unborn child in a kind and loving way
-Speak out loud positive affirmations of success and confidence
-Send loving good wishes to the child
-Meditate daily

It’s Time… to realise this ‘pregnant pause’ is creating more than just a baby!


© ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK


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puneet juneja

Respected Arunaji,
Beautiful message and very important knowledge given by you to expecting mothers.Today two married couples don’t even give a thought before planning a family.if these knowledge which has been told by is followed sincerely.I guarantee our future which is our children is in safe hands.