A Mere Smile – A Zen Fable

A Mere Smile


A Zen master was often praised as one leading a pure life. A family nearby owned a food store. They were distraught when they discovered that their young girl was pregnant. They were angry and asked her who the father was. Compelled, she said the father was the Zen master.

The family went to him and forced him to accept their daughter and his child and fulfil his responsibility. The Zen master agreed and soon, the child was born. Of course, his reputation was ruined and no one came to hear his lectures.

Undaunted, the master continued getting food and milk for the baby and mother regularly. The girl could not stand it anymore. She confessed the truth that the father was another man who had run away. The parents went at once to the master to beg forgiveness, at which the Zen master merely smiled.

Source: Zen Fable



Supreme acceptance is when one remains calm and stable in any circumstance, even when the allegation is false. Knowing that truth will one day reveal itself. And that truth will bring justice one day.



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