Memories, Thoughts and Feelings

Memories, Thoughts and Feelings

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We all reminisce from time to time and float away into our world of thoughts, feelings and memories.   But what comes first… is it the feeling itself or the thought that triggers the memory and then that feeling?  Why is it important?

It is important to know which comes first, because then we can understand what it is we have to pay attention to.  Memories are created as a result of our experiences in life.  Experiences are created as a result of thoughts, words and actions.  The result of all our experiences can be summed up in our feelings. Simply consider this: How do you feel about the past?  Actually, everything is to do with our feelings because we are feeling sentient beings.  We feel love because it is a high vibrational energy, and feelings are part of the universal language of our human family, and every living creature on this planet.

Feelings are very interesting.  When we are in touch with our feelings, we know where we stand. For example, when we lose our appetite we know that something is not right.  In the same manner when we don’t feel good, we change our actions.  We change our plans.  Feelings are our guide and barometer that tell us things are going the way we would like them to or not, whatever the case may be.  It is good to learn how to listen to our feelings… that is to learn to ‘feel’ our feelings, so that we can kind of intuit and understand what they are saying to us.

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Let us begin by harnessing our feelings, because if we don’t then they will begin to control us.  This is often how people fall into depression.  They may fail to check their thoughts and feelings and become complacent or careless.  This does not always have to be the case, we do have controlling power if we recognize that we have a choice in how and what to think and feel.  Each one of us has this choice, whether we acknowledge this or not.

We have to not just fall into our feelings and then react to what we ‘feel’, but we need to be conscious creators of our thoughts and feelings.  And we can do this with one single thought.  Just create a peaceful thought and we become peaceful. Create a doubtful thought and we become a doubting Thomas. Create a fearsome thought and we become full of fear and anxiety.

When we say that we are ‘feeling’ happy, sad or angry, we could call these our emotions.  At times we even use the term: “I am feeling emotional.”  For example there is a distance between the emotion of anger, and then feeling that energy of anger.  The true self is the one who is ‘feeling’ the emotion of anger, in other words the soul is using feelings to read this emotion.  If anger was naturally part of our nature, how could we feel it?  These emotions, although they serve a purpose, are not really part of us, but we generally are not objective enough to see where they are coming from, and that whole ‘feeling’ experience gets merged together and from practiced habit it makes it difficult to see the distinction.


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So tuning into our feelings is important, but more important is to create those right and positive uplifting thoughts and feelings so that we can immerse ourselves in them.  We can do this with the practice of meditation.  When we create peaceful thoughts we become peaceful.  When the peace is gone, finished, or simply evaporates, then we become peaceless…  then we will start to experience being restless.

Our feelings do serve a purpose to let us know that something within us, our thinking and actions requires some correction.  Our aim in life is to maintain balance and use our feelings as internal tools to guide us through life.

It’s Time… to check our thoughts and feelings and to see whether we are on the right track to create good memories.


© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK



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very nice !

Be conscious creator of the your thoughts ! create peaceful thoughts and feel peaceful !