It’s All in Your Hands

It’s All in Your Hands
Once upon a time, there lived an old and wise master in the cave on the top of a mountain.  He led a simple life, wandering in the forest to pick fruits and did meditation most of the time.
People from the villages in the plains below made the arduous trek to seek his advice.  Sometimes they found him, sometimes not.  Sometimes he answered their questions, sometimes not.
There was a young scholar who decided to test the old man, and see if he was really as wise as everyone claimed.  After much thought, he came up with a clever plan.  He would take a little fledgling bird, small enough to comfortably cover in the palms of his two hands.  He would ask the master if the bird was alive or dead.  If he said the bird was alive, the scholar would crush it to death instantly.  If he said the bird was dead, he would simply open his palms and show the live bird, he would disprove the old man!
Early the next morning, the young scholar carefully places the little bird in the pocket of his robe and made his way up the mountain.  It was high noon before he reached the cave and the master was no where to be found.  After much searching, there he was quietly meditating by the side of the stream.
The young scholar patiently waited for the master to open his eyes.  Finally, when he stirred, the scholar was ready with the little bird cupped in both his palms.  “This little bird I have brought, great master, is it dead or alive?  he asked.
The master smiled, looked him straight in the eye and replied, “The answer, my young friend, is entirely in your hands!
Source: Native American Tale
Comment: Don’t try and be too smart!
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