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If we were to sum up the two most powerful forces in the world, they would be FEAR and LOVE. Which one of these two internal forces are your thoughts, words and behaviours driven by?

Many will perhaps be thinking that the opposite of love is hate and the opposite of fear is trust. Yet think again. When I am fearful, I am furthest away from my truth, my power and my inner strength. And when I am non-loving, it’s probably because I am afraid to be loving, and not necessarily because I hate.


(Audio – ‘Fear Less Love More’) (Music by Secret Garden – Elegie)


Let’s check how much you live your life by fear:

-Do you carry your cell phone all the time just in case of an emergency?

-Do you lock all your house doors when you are in the house, plus double check them?

-Are you suspicious of trash bins, in case they might be holding a bomb?

-Do you panic when you see a police car around?

-Do you often imagine the worst scenarios in any situation?

If you answered yes to most of the above, then you have been bought. And you have bought into the fear. It is the duty of the force of evil to make you afraid, and it is the duty of the force of good to inspire you to love. Every time we give into evil, there is less and less love in the world to go around.

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Fear only makes us protective, defensive, cautious. Fear is the mother of doubt, skepticism, suspicion and mistrust. And when these traits take birth there is no harmony, only separation and discord.

Some years ago a report indicated that there was a far higher perception amongst the population of the UK of street crime and house break-ins, than was actually the case. In attempting to reduce crime, the government’s awareness initiatives had simply instilled the population with fear.

This also begs another question about whether we are attracting negative things towards us the more we think about them. As we give them more space in our minds we give them power. The same may be the case regarding cancer – as it is highlighted as being a leading cause of death, then the fear takes even greater hold, and cases continue to rise.

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As horrific events increase around the world, we have to choose which side we will support. It’s not about this religion or that religion. It’s not about America or Russia. They are not the most powerful forces. Fear is the real enemy and it can only be defeated by love.

The work of religion, politics and science was meant to be to instill goodness, righteousness, love, peace, trust and a sense of safety in the soul. Yet today, many live in fear of God, the government and doctors! Yet when we touch the love and truth within us we gain that peace and security for ourselves.

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More and more people are waking up to the fact that we need to be empowered from the inside. It’s not about loving individuals; it’s about emerging unconditional love from deep within and trusting in the Power of Love.

We also instill fear into ourselves by remembering the past or worrying about the future. But imagine that this very moment now is an absolutely pure moment; an untainted, fearless moment. In this moment I get to choose love or to choose fear.

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And at an even deeper level: let go of this word ‘mine’. In reality, nothing is mine, and no one is mine. I have fear when I hold onto transitory things. Houses, cars, money and gold will all pass and be buried, burnt and washed away. But I, the being of light, packed with my virtues and strengths, will survive. When we let go of the temporary, we will free our eternal spirit.

It’s time… to be fear-less and to allow the Power of Love to do its work. To let go of all that is temporary and to be empowered from the inside. It’s time to fear less and love more.


Try a short meditation now – ‘Fear Less Love More’
(Music by Michael Hoppe/Tim Wheater – Silence of Stars)


© ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK


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