The Precious Diamond – Indian Folklore

The Precious Diamond


A poor merchant walked past a holy man, sitting deep in meditation. The merchant ran up to him and sat at a distance. When the holy man opened his eyes, he noticed the man and asked what he wished. The merchant replied, “I am looking for happiness. Where can I find it?” Hearing this, the hermit put his hand inside the flowing cloak and took out a diamond, the size of a human skull and said, “Here, this should make you happy!” And handed over the beautiful precious diamond to the poor merchant. Stunned at the good fortune, the merchant was elated and thanked the holy man profusely.

“It is most dangerous to display this huge piece,” he thought and took the diamond home hiding it in his sack. At home, he did not tell his wife as she could not really keep a secret. He knew that if words got around, his neighbours were sure of being jealous of his fortune. There could even be some who would suspect him of theft.

Keeping the diamond hidden in this manner from all took a huge toll on his mental peace and took away his happiness!

Distraught and tormented, he finally took it back to the holy man, and regained his peace of mind and… happiness.

Source: Indian Folklore



Even if you have the most expensive diamond in the world, it cannot give you peace and happiness. Happiness is right here, inside of us; it cannot be bought or taught.

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