Choose to be Calm

It’s always encouraging to know that we have a choice in everything we do, even if we might eventually choose the same thing that is already in place or on offer. Knowing that we have an option empowers us! The fact that we have a choice makes us feel that we are in charge of our lives and in control of the course of our destiny.

Everyone is choosing at every moment. I can choose to get irritated or angry, or choose to remain calm. Once I am able to view life from this lens of having a choice, I am no longer subservient to the drama of life and other people. At every turn I can decide to stay in control, or to allow other things to control me!

Choosing to remain calm is a gift we can offer to ourselves to break the vicious cycle of anger and fear that shakes our inner stability and impairs the quality of interpersonal relationships, our family life, and our working and social atmosphere.

A calm response is not a weak or passive one, but it comes from a state of inner strength that allows us to remain stable when facing a situation. A calm response indicates an inherent self-respect and reveals the mastery we have over our own minds.

When we choose to be calm rather than reactive, it is not that we are controlling our anger or suppressing ourselves, instead we are making a deliberate decision to walk the path of wellbeing for our own benefit and the benefit of others.

The stock of calm has to be accumulated over time. Although one powerful thought to remain calm in the heat of the moment might save you, yet, ensuring that you have a stock will make you confident and carefree always.

Only a clean and pure state of mind is able to create positive thoughts. Learn to clean the clutter from the mind and you will be able to remain calm and cool easily.

3 Steps to Calm

Step 1
Focus on your breath. Gently breathe in calm and breathe out any tension from your body. Slow down your thoughts. Relax your mind and body.

Step 2
Connect with a memory of deepest peace and calm. Allow feelings of serenity to flow into you, filling every part of you with a deeper sense of stillness and tranquility.

Step 3
Feeling empowered and refreshed, emerge this renewed energy into every area of your life.

Here is a beautiful poem by a dear friend Barbara – enjoy!


‘The calm before the storm’, they say,
Trepidation in their voices,
As they wait
For thunder, and water,
For wind enough to take the roofs off houses.
Or maybe
As they wait for anger,
Or insult,
Or tears.

‘The calm after the storm’, they say,
Standing in shocked stillness
As they look
At disquieting quiet,
At houses roofless, and trees tossed,
Or maybe
At intimidation,
Or hurt,
Or rejection.

But the calm during the storm,
Ah… that is power.
No matter what kind of storm
Is in front of you
To have the choice,
A significant gift,
A power you can use
To change the outcome
Of many things.
The power of choice,
The choice of ‘calm’
Yours to own.
Then you can stand
Before the storm,
During the storm,
After the storm,
And change the outcome
Of many things.
Barbara Bossert Ramsay ©2011

It’s time… to remember that you have a choice at every moment.
Take charge of your life, by choosing the option to remain calm and peaceful. If you don’t make the choice, then someone else will choose on your behalf!

Share these thoughts! ‘It’s Time…’ is spreading far and wide! Feel free to forward this wisdom, but to avoid any karmic rebound, please acknowledge its source –
‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London

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Dipika Mahuvarker

Dear Aruna,

I have been reading this space of yours since almost a year, when I met you for a meditation session and have enjoyed all the posts and shared some of them with friends.

I had the pleasure of meeting you again last Saturday along with Gulu at the “Choose To Be Calm” Seminar.

I also picked up your book on Relationships, as your language is very simple and easy to comprehend. I hope it will make a difference to those with whom I plan to share it with.

Kudos to you and Brahma Kumaris for spreading peace in such a beautiful way.      Luvs Dipika  



Thanks again Aruna for this inspiring article.
It reminds me the natural process of the theory U (Otto Scharmer) where we let go and first open our mind, then our heart to allow emergence to arise. Then only are we able to create…
With pure love. Om shanti