2021…  I Am Ready for You!

2021…  I Am Ready for You!


2021 promises to be a wonderful year ahead.  How do I know?  Because I decided it will be that way!  You can decide how 2021 will be for you too.   Each and every day is a new day. I happily look forward to see new opportunities present themselves in life.

You might like to repeat these affirmations to yourself each day.  I have found the affirmations very helpful in keeping me steady and aligned as the New Year unfolds.

As I focus on all that I have, I practice gratitude and appreciate those small treasures and blessings in my life. I choose to consciously create the life that I want and see a clear road ahead on my journey of life.

Nothing is bad, nothing is wrong. Everything is as it should be.  I am learning to drift with the ‘all’ and ‘everything’ of life.

There is nowhere I want to be, except here and now.  Nothing I want more than what I have right now.  I am content and I feel that I am blessed.

Life is a school, and I am going to be an A+ student.  Because I have taken time to prepare, and I have studied well, I am ready for any exam or test.  I do not resist the lessons of life, because I know this will become a painful experience for me.  I know whatever I resist persists.

I choose to let go… I surrender my small ego ‘I’ of self, which is very limited in its perspective and capacity to understand.

I go with the flow… I do not control… I allow things to unfold.  And I feel more relaxed and at peace.  Everything comes in its own time.  I have planted the seeds and every seed will grow and blossom at the ‘right’ time.  I live from a place of the utmost faith.

Once I have convinced my mind, that everything is cool, it becomes so… in all ways.  Life is a joy, a merry-go-round.  It is a play and a pleasure.  I am lucky, and I am so fortunate in many different ways.  I cannot reach the end of my list and finish counting my blessings.

Everything comes to me easily and naturally.  Every thought is manifested in miraculous ways.  I attract what I need in the moment.  It’s almost as if life is simply waiting to serve me… at my beck and call.  Wow!  Life is my waiter and I am the guest, sitting calmly, and ready to order… more of the good things in life!

Image by Markus Christ from Pixabay

I surround myself with positive people with vibrant energy. Souls who love and accept me, not those who want me to be different.  For I know that I cannot please these people.  I will never be able to please them.  So, I don’t even try.

I am myself.  I am true to my nature, I am not a paper cut out.  I am honest, real, not cunning or devious.  I am ‘I’… me… and myself… all in one.

I have nothing to prove.  Therefore, nothing to hide, and no one to hide from.  I wear no masks and I have nothing to remember.  No stories to tell, or to which I am attached.  I am an open book.  And each moment is a new chapter in itself and of itself.

I smile and I cheer for a…  Happy New Year.   For life is good.  I live in my truth.  I stand in my truth.  I love from my truth.  I am happy that I am… a pure radiant being of light…  the purest essence of spirit… and that is all that matters.

It’s Time…   to step forward and embrace life and 2021 from a place of love and blessings.


© ‘It’s Time…’  by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK








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